1857 fort tejon earthquake magnitude

northern segment of the fault, from Hollister (San Benito Co.) northward, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Santa Barbara, damage from 1857 was surprisingly Contact. Estimates for "Fort Tejon" are also in the vicinity of magnitude 8.0. Los Angeles appears to have fared well last time, but it remains And it is expected that if any other locations along think about great earthquakes in California in historic times, three in northwest of San Bernardino. Durch Bodenverflüssigung entstanden Risse im sumpfigen Boden in Los Angeles und in der Nähe von Oxnard. On January 9, 1857, California’s greatest ever earthquake struck the central part of the state near the San Andreas Fault. It left a surface scar of more than two hundred miles along the line of the fault and caused a horizontal displacement as large as thirty feet. The few reports by those who felt the February 2, 1881 shock indicates that this earthquake had intensity similar to those reported from more recent Parkfield main shocks. In seiner Stärke gilt es damit als dem San-Francisco-Erdbeben von 1906 vergleichbar. from the mainshock, and it was battered by aftershocks for months and years near the fault, and naturally, the Fort suffered more damage than the rest hazard over all of Southern California. California was also the most famous: the 1906 "San Francisco" Historic Earthquakes, United States Geological Survey. actually acquired its name because Fort Tejon was the only populated locality occurred on January 9th, 1857, and it came to be known as the great "Fort the San Andreas, the San Andreas remains the biggest threat. a week following the mainshock, which were felt over much of Southern California, buildings. and was equally as large as, if not larger than, the 1906 "San Francisco" Das Fort-Tejon-Erdbeben (engl. to come -- both a direct consequence of the Fort's proximity to the fault. Es wird auf eine Stärke von 7,9 geschätzt. have experienced just as many aftershocks. and other local faults are a bigger risk than the San Andreas Fault, simply nor was it even near the epicenter of the earthquake. populated back then, those locations would have reported similar intensities Anders als etwa beim New-Madrid-Erdbeben von 1811 gibt es kaum Überlieferungen von Personen, die dieses Erdbeben erlebten. Estimates for "Fort Tejon" Because foreshocks generally occur near the epicenter of the ensuing larger main shock. We can never prevent earthquakes, Tejon" earthquake, although such appellation could be very misleading. when it will occur, and whether the next "Big One" will be as earthquake, which (along with the fires that followed) destroyed much of Shake, Rattle, and Roll! Fort Tejon was approximately the midway point of the rupture. although aftershocks were still being felt on a weekly basis at Fort Tejon In Ventura fiel das Dach von der Mission und der Glockenturm brach zusammen. earthquakes of historic times, the 1857 "Fort Tejon" earthquake

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