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Lider przyjął pseudonim Alice Cooper i zaczął podawać się za wcielenie czarownicy[6]. After battling his way back from alcoholism in 1983, Alice Cooper spent the next three years reconnecting with his wife and children, getting healthy, and getting back in touch with his Christian faith. "By the end of the night, the name kind of stuck. Interesował się sztuką, zaczął śpiewać i występować wcześnie[4]. Do oryginalnego utworu powstało wideo, podobnie jak do następnych singli. Securing the services of Shep Gordon, Alice Cooper was finally ready to conquer the world. Changing their name to the Spiders, the band graduated to playing school dances and then small clubs. The crazy real-life story of Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper speaks at Alice Cooper’s 22nd Annual Rock and Roll Golf Classic at the Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa on April 27, 2019. The rare successful showbiz marriage, the Coopers credit their faith and keeping romance alive as the secrets to marital longevity. 4 lutego 1948[1]) – amerykański wokalista i muzyk hardrockowy. I wasn't a stupid drunk. A potentially disastrous move, their gamble paid off. W maju 1977 r. wyszła kolejna taka próba na płycie Lace and Whiskey, nawiązującej tytułem do sztuki Agathy Christie. With the mainstream popularity of heavy metal and glam at an all-time high, Cooper was definitely back in his element. Under the guidance of producer Bob Ezrin and manager Shep Gordon, Alice Cooper became a hard rock hit-making phenomenon. Wystąpił też w Kanadzie. Tę stronę ostatnio edytowano 29 sie 2020, 22:22. Nowy i trwały sukces, odniesiony w innej rzeczywistości, wyniósł Alice’a Coopera na wyżyny show-biznesu i zaowocował kolejnymi płytami, kosztownymi teledyskami, występami gościnnymi i kolaboracjami innych sław, jak Rob Zombie, Zodiac Mindwarp, Sammy Hagar czy Slash. W 2011 r. wprowadzono grupę Alice Cooper do Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Alice Cooper w życiu prywatnym deklaruje się od kilku lat jako chrześcijanin[9][10]. With renewed focus, Cooper and manager Shep Gordon put up their own money to fund the Welcome to My Nightmare Tour, according to Behind the Music. W dzieciństwie przeniósł się z rodziną do Phoenix w stanie Arizona. Upon graduating from Cortez High, Vincent Furnier and his band were now faced with a life-changing choice. W 2007 r. wydał książkę Alice Cooper: Golf Monster. „Straszny” Alice Cooper, Alice Cooper'stown, Rocking Purveyor of Comfort Food, Is Closed, Ospina agrees to four-year Arsenal contract, The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years (1988), ALICE COOPER, LEMMY, SLASH Featured In 'Louder Than Love' Movie: Home Video Release Announced, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013), 39th Grammy Awards – 1997 held February 26, 1997, REVOLVER GOLDEN GODS AWARDS 2011: The Winners & Full Show Recap, THE RELENTLESS KERRANG! Their only number-one album, Billion Dollar Babies was packaged as a snakeskin wallet complete with a billion-dollar bill. THE 50 GREATEST METAL FRONT-MEN OF ALL TIME! W utworze „No More Mr. Nice Guy” gościnnie wystąpił Donovan. Największe hity Alice Coopera to: „School's Out”, „No More Mr. Nice Guy”, „I'm Eighteen” i „Poison”. Their luck changed, however, when they were booked as the house band for L.A.'s Cheetah Club. With a record contract in hand, the band realized they needed professional management. By the time they reached L.A., the young musicians were flat broke. Cooper ponownie trafił do filmu oraz na kasety wideo. With the help of L.A. girl group the GTOs, the band created a sinister, gender-bending new look. The second child of Ella and Ether "Mick" Furnier, young Vince, named for his uncle and author Damon Runyon, spent his early childhood in working-class east Detroit. With dedication and rehearsal, they became a real band. na albumie The Scarecrow zespołu Avantasia w utworze „The Toy Master” i w utworze „Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)” na płycie Roba Zombiego pt. Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry (l-r) (Photo Credit: Todd Nakamine) CBS Local Sports: What is your go-to club on the golf course and why? Seizing on golf, Cooper began taking lessons and playing 36 holes each day, beginning the day after his rehab stint ended. Surprisingly, one of the Spiders' biggest fans was Vince's pastor father. Tym samym artysta zaczął kontynuować styl swych własnych kontynuatorów[6]. Artysta powoli stał się klasykiem, ikoną i celebrytą. In the early 1970s, they stormed the charts with fist-pumping rock anthems like "I'm Eighteen" and "School's Out." W jego identycznie nazwanym zespole grali Glen Buxton – gitara, Michael Bruce – gitara, Dennis Dunaway – bas i Neal Smith – perkusja[6]. Alice and his bandmates, worn out from years of constant touring and recording, decided it was time for a break. Jego prawdziwy wielki powrót nastąpił dopiero jesienią 1989 r., kiedy ukazała się płyta Trash, wyprodukowana we współpracy z twórcą największych hitów Bon Jovi i autorem comebacku zespołu Aerosmith – Desmondem Childem[6]. Along with the expected hard, driving rock sound of songs such as "Escape," "Department of Youth," and "Cold Ethyl," Cooper brought shades of Broadway and cabaret to the album's title track as well as the sardonic "Some Folks." More than music or golf, the center of Alice Cooper's life is his family. The man who would become the godfather of shock rock was born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4, 1948, in America's motor city, Detroit, Michigan. Ukazał się czteropłytowy box The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper, zawierający też biografię muzyka. Me Alice. Muscle of Love, released in 1973, was a back-to-basics rock album, according to Rolling Stone. The Billion Dollar Babies tour featured Alice Cooper's most elaborate show to date. Pierwszy z nich w sierpniu 1972 r. spędził 3 tygodnie na szczycie brytyjskiej listy przebojów i jest do dziś najpopularniejszym utworem artysty. Nowy producent Bob Ezrin nadał jej muzyce oryginalny i przebojowy charakter i brzmienie[4]. "The thought of going back up onstage and doing Alice without being anesthetized was pretty frightening," Cooper tells VH-1. Pojawił się też w kilku filmach[5]. Na przełomie 1970/71 r. Alice Cooper wydał singel „I’m Eighteen”, umieszczonego na płycie Love It to Death (grudzień 1970)[7]. Married for over 40 years, Cooper met Sheryl Godard when she joined the Welcome To My Nightmare tour as a dancer in 1975, per Behind the Music. Muzyk urodził się 4 lutego 1948 r. w Detroit w stanie Michigan[4]. When we became Alice Cooper, it was like, 'Oh, you're Alice. Featuring stripped-down production and comparatively conventional arrangements, the record failed to reach the level of its predecessors. Committed to a mental health facility, Cooper got clean and sober but soon relapsed. Named for the '70s drinking club that included Cooper, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, and Mickey Dolenz, the band celebrates the music of rock stars who died before their time. A psychedelic garage rock masterpiece, "Don't Blow Your Mind" was a regional hit, reaching number one on local radio's Top 40 charts. Równocześnie muzyk opublikował swą autobiografię pt. Alice Cooper jest bohaterem komiksu Neila Gaimana „Ostatnie kuszenie” (1994). The first suggestion, Husky Baby Sandwich, was definitely out. Even the most critical cynics were forced to acknowledge his comeback when his 1989 single "Poison" from the album Trash cracked the Billboard Top 10. Płyty Constrictor (październik 1986) i Raise Your Fist and Yell (październik 1987) wydała MCA, a potem wokalista przeszedł do Epic Records. When the sun came up, I grabbed my glove and I was ready to play until the sun went down, when you couldn't see the ball anymore and it was time to rush home for dinner." A self-described "all-American kid," Alice Cooper grew up an avid baseball fan. Cooper likes to keep his family close at hand and brings them on tour whenever possible. According to Cooper's book Golf Monster, the rocker doesn't remember recording his early '80s records Flush the Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, or DaDa because he was in a continuous alcoholic fog. ", The band's mysterious new name caused quite a bit of confusion on the part of fans. Although he'd played the game for a decade, Alice Cooper truly dedicated himself to golf in 1983. So, we decided we'll put on wigs so we'll be like the Beatles, only we'll call it the Earwigs." Po przerwie wrócił do studia nagraniowego, a od 2004 r. prowadzi także swój program radiowy. Having played alongside PGA greats Arnold Palmer and Vijay Singh, Cooper states that one of the greatest compliments he's ever received was from golf legend Tiger Woods, who said he wouldn't give the rocker "two (handicap strokes) a side.". In 2007, Cooper told that it was no surprise that he and fellow rock 'n' roll survivors got hooked on golf. Nagrał kilka singli. ", Alice Cooper is no slouch at the game, either. W 1971 r. zespół po raz pierwszy zagrał w Europie, a w latach 1972-74 wylansował 5 przebojów, zarówno w Stanach, jak i na całym świecie: „School's Out”, „Elected”, „Hello Hooray”, „No More Mr. Nice Guy” i „Teenage Lament ‘74” (kompozycja A. Coopera i perkusisty N. Smitha). The most important club in my bag is the putter. Rising to fame in a time of musical heroes, Alice Cooper was rock's first villain. The Doors, z którego muzykami Alice się przyjaźnił. Protesty mediów i osób publicznych w latach 70. tylko nakręcały jego popularność[5]. Marylin Manson[5], Kiss[7], Slipknot[7]. On doctor's orders, the Furniers left Detroit for the warmer, drier climes of Los Angeles. "Every guy I know from Lou Reed to Bob Dylan to Neil Young, they all play golf," Cooper says. "It's because they were all drug users or alcoholics, and I think golf is so addictive that it's just like taking drugs. In his 2007 memoir, Golf Monster, Cooper writes, "I lived for baseball.When the sun came up, I grabbed my glove and I was ready to play until the sun went down, when you couldn't see the ball anymore and it was time to rush home for dinner." Energized and sober, Cooper also mounted his first tour in years. Z nimi Alice Cooper stworzył swój największy sceniczny show Welcome to My Nightmare, promujący concept album pod tym samym tytułem, nagrany z udziałem licznych gości, jak Tony Levin, wydany w lutym 1975 r., a potem sfilmowany. – „Poison”, wydany latem 1989 roku[6]. Gregarious and popular, Cooper thrived at Cortez. With a 5.3 handicap, he's a serious Pro Am competitor. "I wasn't going to be Alice," he explains in an episode of VH-1's Behind the Music. Z tej racji uważany jest za jednego z twórców shock-rocka. Estetyce rockowej lat 60. przeciwstawił makabryczny show sceniczny i prowokacyjne teksty, pełne przemocy, śmierci i seksualnych aberracji[5]. Alice Cooper, the 70-year-old rocker, has only two requirements for a successful holiday: his golf clubs and his long-suffering wife, Sheryl. According to Cooper, the band's name came about with no supernatural influence.

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