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The Colonial Fleet also included modified Space Park vessels (although the single Space Park liner in Galactica's civilian Fleet is very likely a civilian liner) [7]. In the re-imagined series, there were about 120 Battlestars in service prior to the second Cylon attack. Yeah, the Colonial Fleet is brutal when it comes to decommission ships. The Viper Mark III is a fighter craft used by the Colonial Fleet in the latter part of the Cylon War. Send them to unoccupied planets in Helios Alpha and let the Cylons fight and destroy them. [12], This article is about the 2003 Battlestar Galactica miniseries. FANDOM. Acting commander Saul Tigh ignores this principle when attempting to stop a supply boycott in the civilian Fleet, leading to the deaths of four civilians aboard the Gideon (TRS: "Resistance"). Behind the hotel section was a separately attached crew module which also contained the ship's hangar bay, command bridge, engineering, and sub-light/FTL drive engines. The ship was a popular entertainment and transport hub for the fleet during its journey to New Caprica, and was where the Quorum of Twelve met. Battlestar Galactica ; Civilian ships Sign in to follow this . Cloud 9 jumped to Ragnar following the flotilla's detection by the Cylons, and was protected by a battlestar, Galactica, as the surviving ships left the Cyrannus star system behind to search for a new home in deep space.[1]. Battlestar wiki; Battlestar Galactica. Like if I want to scrap some of my corvettes to make room in a fleet for more expensive ships? Club reviewing the mini series in 2014 gave it a grade A-. By paradroid2, February 28, 2009 in Battlestar Galactica. So if you have a combat where four civilian ships are placed around Galactica, and you destroy all Cylon ships, do you just leave those civilian ships out in case another battle starts? Cloud 9 was a massive vessel of unusual design that contained a five-star restaurant, theater, casino, several bars, and numerous hotel rooms and luxury suites. During the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Cloud 9 like many other civilian ships was ordered to halt its position within its space lane to keep it out of the way of the military counter offensive. Despite his protests and the lack of any evidence to support the accusation, Doral is left at Ragnar when the Galactica departs. The ship does not appear in the Season 2 episode Epiphanies, where Roslin reflects on her wait in the doctor's office. The Colonial Fleet has employed numerous combat and non-combat support ships to supplement the battlestar capitol ships. Set the Celestra and the Freighter directly behind your battlestars and at exactly the same height so that the big ships physically block projectile (not missile) fire from them. On Rotten Tomatoes the mini series has an approval rating of 82% based on reviews from 11 critics. This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 23:25. Its most notable feature was a huge biodome which contained a pressurized natural habitat nearly a quarter-mile in diameter, which simulated an outdoor park. Civilian ships. After Carnivàle reached the end of its first season and the Sci-Fi Channel ordered a thirteen-episode weekly series of Battlestar Galactica, Moore left Carnivàle to assume a full-time executive producer role on Battlestar Galactica.[4]. However, Cloud 9 was still a spaceship, and didn't really live up to the quality of a real planet, as there were some flaws in the design—such as fake terrain used to disguise the machinery as well as the easily noticeable and massive support beams of the sky dome. The Viper Mark II is a single seat fighter aerospace craft used by the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War. When a Colonial Raptor shuttle from the Galactica lands briefly for repairs on the Twelve Colonies' capital world of Caprica, the two-person crew, Sharon Valerii (callsign "Boomer") (Grace Park) and Karl C. Agathon (callsign "Helo") (Tahmoh Penikett), offer to evacuate a small group of survivors. Celestra type ships are a class of ship used in the Twelve Colonies at least as early as the First Cylon War, during which they served an unknown role assisting battlestar groups. Many characters, including Saul Tigh, Kara Thrace, and Sharon Valerii attended (or claim to have attended) this academy. The Atlantia is newer and more advanced tha… Like if I want to scrap some of my corvettes to make room in a fleet for more expensive ships? Unfortunately this means abandoning many of the survivors who are aboard ships without FTL technology, and as Roslin and the FTL ships jump away, the Cylons launch an attack on the remaining ships. During her decades of colonial service the Galactica's computer systems had never been networked so the Galactica is unaffected by the Cylon sabotage. [8], Brian Lowry of Variety wrote: ""Battlestar Galactica" takes a while to find its directional heading and build up steam, but once it does, this proves to be a surprisingly engrossing odyssey. Galactica constitutes the only surviving vessel within the Colonial Fleet until it is destroyed (TRS: "Daybreak, Part II"). Atlantia is one of the first Battlestars to engage the Cylons after the attack. From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide, The military academy was probably similar to, The letterheads in Kara Thrace's personnel file in ". 75'. DeSanto and Singer's planned version, which actually went into pre-production before being delayed and then scrapped following the events of the 9/11 terrorist attacks of 2001, was also a continuation, set some 25 years after the original series. History Talk (0) Comments Share. It takes its design from the Viper Mk. In the opening minutes of Part 1, as the character of Laura Roslin sits in her doctor's office, a Firefly class ship is seen flying above the city. The Fleet was a caravan of ships carrying refugees from the Cyrannus star system after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Returning to his quarters, Adama finds an anonymous note has been left for him stating "There are only 12 Cylon models." Moore developed the miniseries with Eick, writing the scripts and updating the old series, also developing a backstory that could work for a regular weekly series, should the miniseries be successful. Starfleet rescues Battlestar Galactica & 220 Civilian Ships. They had a multitude of functions from assault to recon, and no one fleet would survive without them. Cloud 9's crew rejected the authority of Commander Adama during the period of martial law, and jumped away to Kobol with other Roslin-loyal ships. List of Ship Classes both for Military and Civilian ships classes are include. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The Colonial Fleet is the primary armed service branch of the Colonial Forces[1] under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol prior to the fall of the Colonies. None of the previous attempts to remake or continue the story of Battlestar Galactica by Tom DeSanto, Bryan Singer, and original series star Richard Hatch, were successful. Biological warfare is restricted in the Twelve Colonies, requiring presidential authorization (TRS: "A Measure of Salvation"). Responding to one of her suggestions, he is compelled to identify Aaron Doral, a public relations specialist, as a Cylon agent masquerading as a human. Roslin is skeptical and later confronts Adama and makes him admit that Earth is simply an ancient myth. After a 40-year armistice in a war between the Twelve Colonies (the homeworlds populated by humans) and the Cylons (human-created robots), the Cylons launch a surprise nuclear attack intended to exterminate the human race. Followers 0. The ‘Civilian Wall’ of the wall deploys directly behind the Main Line and consists of all of the Civilian ships.

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