bear vault

Fortunately, the BV450 is approved for use everywhere requiring a bear canister in the United States (there's debate surrounding the High Peaks Wilderness in the Adirondacks since some bears there appear to be able to break into these canisters – more on this below).

That said, it's one of the lightest options available if you're not looking to break the bank with a carbon fiber bear can.

The opening provides full access for loading, unloading and finding items, Patented design to allow for opening and closing lid without tools, Transparent polycarbonate housing resists impacts without shattering, Dimpled exterior helps to keep tie-down straps from shifting. a bear canister or bear can) weighing 33 oz / 936 kg. This is the one benefit to carrying a bear canister (and I guess the whole having your food protected thing).

In Yosemite and on the JMT they were checked out by bears every night and we had no problem at all. The BearVault BV450 is a polycarbonate (plastic), 7.2-liter, bear-resistant food canister (i.e. That said, we have rules and they must be followed. This is heavier than some of the three-season sleeping bags I use and is heavier than the backpack I used on the Pacific Crest Trail. 8.7 in. Extra wide opening provides full access for loading, unloading and finding items. I've never been prevented from opening the canister due to the cold – just inconvenienced. I used the BV450 hiking through the Sierra Nevada on the Pacific Crest Trail (if you've been paying attention, yes, I've also used the BV500 hiking the Sierra portion of the PCT – I've done this twice). BearVault® guards your food from animals, which helps animals stay healthy It's very handy. “Love your products! You can really beat the crap out of your BearVault and not have to worry about it. The Pacific Crest Trail Gear Guide: Class of 2019 Survey, The Ultimate Pacific Crest Trail Packing List. I have gotten six days worth of food into (and out of) this thing and I probably could have stretched it one more day if I had a little more control (and was willing to go a little hungrier).

Lighter for backpacking when every ounce counts. That said, with cold fingers (like those encountered after packing up a wet shelter in the morning), this can sometimes be difficult. While camping at Badger Lakes Thousand Island Lake and Island Pass, we had a bear visit.

“I have used BearVault® on about 8 trips to the Sierras and in Oregon and they have performed flawlessly.

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