camp chef smokepro dlx vs traeger

#1. The Camp Chef offers 570 square inches while the Traeger offers 575. Brief Comparison Table of Traeger vs. Camp Chef ... Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill. Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wood Pellet Grill Smoker Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wood Pellet Grill Smoker See at Amazon. #1 Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Affordability and Value. The only advantage that the SmokePRO DLX may have over the PRO 575 is that it also comes with a sizable side shelf.

Traeger was the first company/brand to bring a pellet grill to market in the 1980s. In this section, we’ll determine whether or not Traeger’s offerings compare favorably with the competition from Camp Chef.

If you’re the type who loves extra features, the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is absolutely loaded with great features. This brand also produces a large size and small size grills. While Traeger has been successfully producing pellet grills since that point, its only really within the last decade where the concept of a pellet grill has really been able to compete with well-established charcoal and gas grill manufacturers. Pellet hopper capacity Both models have a capacity of 18lbs, which doesn’t leave much room to choose between them, but the Traeger Pro 575 has the benefit of their new Pro D2 Direct Drive. On the other hand, Traeger pellet grills can only manage to reach 450°F at max. Hence, the brand may be better than Traeger in this sense. Introduction To Traeger vs Camp Chef Pellet Grills. Like Pit Boss’s Austin XL, Camp Chef’s products can reach the lowest of lows and the highest of highs with the temperature range of 160-500°F. Cooking Space. Most notably, it’s got a sear box built in that’s fueled by propane. Traeger grills typically reach only about 450 degrees (although some models do reach 500 degrees), while Camp Chef grills reach at least 500 … This grill is priced significantly higher than the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX. Overall, the SmokePRO DLX, and the Camp Chef range as a whole, seem to have more consistent temperature controllers and greater utility with the Smart Smoke settings.

Features 1. Can you use Camp Chef wood pellets in the Traeger pellet grills? Camp Chef SmokePro DLX and Traeger PRO 575 have about the same amount of cooking space. Check Price on Amazon. With this kind of space, you can easily cook several different meals at a time. Check Price on Traeger . One of the largest differences between the Camp Chef and Traeger brand grills is the level of heat they can achieve. The set and forget feature of this grill from Camp Chef makes it one of the reasons it made it to the top of our Camp Chef pellet grill reviews. Let’s get started with the best 3 Camp Chef pellet grills.

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