city of barrie water standards

(BSD-1237), Acoustic Fence (BSD-1314), Street Tree Layout The City of Barrie is introducing e-billing for water and wastewater bills, to make accessing your water bill simpler and more convenient for you. (BSD-816), Power Supply (42") Pedestal and Base Assembly (BSD-820), Concrete Footing for Base Mounted Pole (BSD-75A), Foundation Drain Outlet Sump Pump to Storm Sewer (BSD-1235), Tree Hoarding Detail for Activities on Municipal Right-of-Ways #2, Typical Meter Installation for Domestic Services Requiring By-Passes (BSD-TS-14B), Standard Park Sign (BSD-521), Watermain Crossing Detail – Road The page you are attempting to view is not currently compatible (BSD-329), Typical Trench Restoration The city will continually update its website at as the situation changes. (BSD-318), Driveway and Entrance Detail (BSD-TS-11), Audible Pedestrian Signal Mounting Detail #4, Standard Industrial/Commercial Service Locations (BSD-1285), Manual Drain Installation for Irrigation endstream endobj 300 0 obj <> endobj 301 0 obj <> endobj 302 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 297 0 R/Resources<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 303 0 obj <>stream (BSD-TS-7), Elevator Plumbizer Attachment Detail (BSD-314), Typical 100mm Sub-drain Detail A process that adds polyphosphates or sodium silicates to groundwater before it is exposed to air or other oxidants (including chlorine) to keep dissolved iron and manganese from being oxidized and precipitated. (BSD-1234), Limit of Tree Preservation for Development Approvals (BSD-509), Temporary Riser Installation Lead Source Protection Authority: Lake Simcoe Region CA 0 (BSD-1300), Park Safety and Regulations Sign (BSD-1211), Tennis Court Chain Link Fence REV 2 (BSD-303), 25m Minor Collector Road Allowance – Industrial !ñ���ю���8��^�/,�Ln7�|� ��+��H%54��=�,�<5TU-445�544,āA�\�|����˕�捷��6�\#��^.�m1K�b��N��@^��Ő��;���!�"���� �$ 0 Please The City of Barrie says residents in the affected area should take precautions to make sure their water lines and appliances are flushed: • Run all cold faucets for a minimum of five minutes. ���ُ��}��`q�9� �lc��1?H2�4 ��W4�����30R����8�@� U,E A chemical process that causes smaller particles to bind together and form larger particles. #4, Foundation Drain Outlet Sump Pump to Storm Sewer at Surface The process of using both chlorine and ammonia for disinfection. Engineering Standards, Policies & Guidelines. (BSD502) Rev.#2, Copper Water Service Connection Detail 38mm & 50mm Diameter Sizes #3, Standard Hydrant and Valve Installation Chemical processes used to control the pH and the alkalinity of raw water to enhance the removal of contaminants or to neutralize treated water where treatment processes have made the water chemically unstable (corrosive). (BSD-822), Anchorage Assembly Construction Drawing Notes. %%EOF (BSD-826) Rev. (BSD-516), Direct Bury Air Release Valve For Watermain Up To 300mm Diameter (BSD-312), 8m Laneway Road Allowance (BSD-1209), 1.52m Chain Link Parking Fencing 126 0 obj <>stream The addition of chlorine to raw or filtered water for disinfection purposes or for the purpose of maintaining a consistent level of chlorine in a drinking-water distribution system. The extended due dates will be indicated on all water/wastewater bills. Landlords are required to pass the water bill relief on to tenants if water charges are included in their rent. (BSD-818), Pole Mounting Details for Base Mounted Metal Pole (BSD-310), 27m Rural Road Allowance Accessible alternate formats are available upon request by contacting, Business Performance & Environmental Sustainability, Barrie Police Service Uniform & Civilian Opportunities, Copyrighted Building Plans & Property Surveys, Records Routinely Available to the Public, Council, General & Planning Committee Meeting Schedule, September 2020 BILD Municipal Benchmarking Study, Financial Incentives / Community Improvement Plan, Engineering Standards, Policies & Guidelines, Engineering & Infrastructure The extended due date will be indicated on all water/wastewater bills. (BSD-1204), Board on Board Residential to Residential Fence Oxidization and precipitation of iron and manganese can cause watermain incrustation and brown water. Mailing Address: Box 400, Stn Main Barrie ON L4M 4T5 (BSD-TS-1B), 762mm Dia. (BSD-824), Pole Wiring Diagram 12DV System (BSD-1271), Typical Park Walkway Section with Centre Crown REV 2 (SAN2), Sanitary Sewer Design Sheet - Level 3 (BSD-817), Galvanized Octagonal Steel Pole, Base Mounted (BSD-81), Outlet Erosion Protection Typical Detail (BSD-82), Stormwater Management Pond Warning Sign (BSD-531), Water Meter Installation Package The Ministry of the Environment has a comprehensive inspection program to ensure that municipal residential drinking water systems operate in compliance with regulatory requirements. (BSD-1205), Overlapping Board Residential to Residential Fence (BSD-1301), Future Open Space – Park Block Sign for Development Sites #3, PVC Inside Drop Sewer Maintenance Hole Service Barrie 70 Collier Street Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm Phone: 705-726-4242 Fax: 705-739-4237. #2, Temporary By-Pass Connection for Watermains (up to 400mm) Pole Base to fit 6.1m, 7.3m & 9.1m POWCO Steel Pole with the dimensions of your device. (BSD-306), 27m Arterial Road Allowance (BSD-805), Electrical Handhole Precast Concrete – 600mm x 600mm (BSD-806) (BSD-1294), Softball Infield Layout with Backstop and Fencing (BSD-507), Hydrant Platform Detail #2, Copper Water Service Connection Detail 19mm & 25mm Diameter Sizes larger screen. The MoESS is used by anyone designing or constructing work within existing or future City rights-of-way. To apply, complete the Residential Water and Wastewater Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Request form. 70 Collier Street, Barrie Phone: 705-726-4242 Fax: 705-739-4237 Mailing Address: PO Box 400, Stn Main Barrie ON L4M 4T5. (BSD-503), 25mm to 50mm Cross-Linked Polyethylene Water Service Camera Mounting Detail ************************* Water Transmission and Distribution Policies and Design Standard City of Barrie October-20 ii DISCLAIMER The City of Barrie has supplied these Specifications, Standard Drawings and Materials Lists with the express understanding that it shall not be liable … (BSD-326), Roundabout - Two-Lane City Standards and Specifications. (BSD-519), Support for Watermains Larger Than 300mm Diameter (BSD-302), 24m Minor Collector Road Allowance – Residential (BSD-529), Anode Installation Typical Single AugerSingle Excavation h�bbd```b``��� �q/�di�LU`�j0[L 2020 Budget. Landlords are required to pass the water relief bill on to tenants if water charges are included in the rent. (BSD-801), Underground Rigid Duct Connection at Concrete Structure (BSD-79), SWM Grading and Water Level Criteria (BSD-1250), Tennis Court Surface and Net Post Detail %%EOF (BSD-1200), Acoustic Fence Slope Accommodation City Hall. Watermain Crossing Of New or Exist. (BSD-TS-6), Traffic Signal Head on Vertical Bracket Mounting Detail Tags: Bills, City Of Barrie, financial hardship, Stay Informed, Stay Safe, Wastewater, Water, Residential Water and Wastewater Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Request.

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