do's and don'ts during chinese funeral

It is customary in Chinese culture to refuse to accept a gift once or twice before accepting it. After the funeral ceremony, a funeral procession to the cemetery or crematorium is held. On that day, people abstain from using scissors, doing needlework, pushing a millstone, drawing water and touching the edge of the well, fearing that they might hurt the dragon. As a friend who takes part in the wedding reception, you should choose and purchase a gift in advance. That’s why our outstanding local guides, working in destinations all across China share these top tips. Couples may send lilies to each other, as lilies signify the happy union lasting one hundred years, being after each other's heart, and being together always. Don’t be taken aback when asked personal questions regarding age, relationships, family, what you do for work, or even income. The Chinese people usually send food which contains the meaning of luck. Traveling to 20 unique and exciting destinations, including Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai,, combined with the option of small group, private and custom tours, we’ve designed our China tours to meet the needs of people who enjoy structure and flexibility when they travel. The blogger team brings you the best and most interesting information and China tour news gathered by our travel consultants, local travel guides, and partner providers. This way they have everything they need when they enter the spirit world. While the emphasis is on eating well, there are still a few do’s and don’ts to remember. What an amazing day! If the person who died was over 80 years, guests may wear shades of pink to the funeral ceremony as it is considered a longevity milestone, and people are encouraged to celebrate rather than mourn. Travelling solo was a concern, but not with this tour company. When paying visits to relatives and friends during festivals, you should send lucky grass, lilies, tulips, which symbolize "happiness and luck". A hired band resembling a marching band typically leads the procession and plays loud music to frighten spirits and ghosts. Allow for elders to be seated first. Therefore, even if they speak some inappropriate words, it should be taken as "break wind" and hence it doesn't count for violating the taboo. Nor are you allowed to send medicines to healthy people and undergarments to friends of the opposite sex. Shanghai has so many historical monuments to attract international traveling guests, not the riverside where it showed the newly built highrise skyscrapers, we have seen them enough in New York, Singapore, or even in KL. We found a great Peking Duck restaurant which was a short walk from the hotel. There are many taboos. All the bad sounding words such as "break", "bad", "die", "none left", "ghost", "lose", "poor", "done (finished)", "unlucky" and "sick" should all be avoided. The Chinese people also abstain from coming across funeral and interment, paying a new year call to a family which has just lost a family member, quarreling and cursing others, sending for a doctor, moving one's dwelling house, shaving the head and having a haircut, etc. Martha and I discussed the best time to go and obviously avoiding the 70th Anniversary of the Republic of China Holiday week was a great idea due to the crowds, but yet, coming in at the end of this holiday, I was still able to see lots of celebratory flower displays everywhere, which was amazing. At dinner, it is both polite and encouraged to sample every dish available and remarking aloud with ‘eating noises’ that you enjoy the food. Guides Best duck ever! So don’t cry, it’s going to mess up your luck with all those tears. It would be very important that the tour guides must learn and comprehend Chinese History, not only PLA, Communist Revolution, or China Modernisation, Silk Road - One Belt - One Road, guests would be much more interested in her ancient history. In this way, they will receive the blessings of the god of lantern. Perfect English, highly informed and kind. As for "pine, cypress, bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus", they have their own specific and fixed connotations according to their characters. All my guides (10 in total) spoke English well and were very attentive to my needs. Funerals are about paying your respects to the deceased, not for talking about other people’s business. Though white has the meaning of purity and flawlessness, the Chinese people tend to abstain from it, because in China, white is often regarded as the color of great sorrow and poverty. Wedding Etiquette:  Nothing is happier than two lovers getting married in life. To make things more interesting, people should avoid washing clothes on the first and second day, because these two days are celebrated as the birthday of the Water God. Similarly, avoid public displays of affection. When wrapping your gift, to be on the safe side, use red wrapping paper. Then become part of the community who receive our exclusive Explore + Uncover travel magazine, China’s best travel guide. The moon is extraordinarily bright on the Mid-autumn day. It symbolises good luck and success. Read about the traditional Chinese festival of Qingming dedicated to honouring ancestors in our Death Around the World series. Day 1: Receive the tour guests from Airport and deliver guests to the prebooked hotel. The next day, Sally took over from Helen, and despite spending only part of a day with her, she was great. When visiting a sick person, you should never send a potted flower in case it will be mistaken for an incompletely cured illness after being ill for a long time. You don’t want to walk in and have the entire room turn to you during an emotional eulogy. Don’t photograph people. It pays to know that although Chinese people have been greatly influenced by the modern outside world, they remain strongly steeped in tradition and reading the do’s and don’ts in China provided below will help you understand the Chinese traditions and allow you to save face and act like a local! For an authentic travel experience, contact one of our travel advisors. A phone call or in-person invitation may precede the paper invitation. In real life, many people fail to go home for family reunion on the Mid-autumn day for all kinds of reasons. The wake usually takes place in the family home or at the local temple over a period of up to seven days. You can see another example here. When paying a formal visit to an old venerable man, it is appropriate to send orchids as it has a noble quality and also enjoys a good reputation as "the gentleman of flowers". Tour guides should treat this issue very carefully because of many tour guests who have studied Chinese History as their majors in High School and in University. Prices of meals were similar or lower than we expected, so we spent less than we took with us. A black and white wardrobe reminds people of death and funerals, so don’t dress in black when you’re paying a visit to a friend or a family member’s house. Organization best travel guide. Fantastic trip organized by China Tours! Before visiting a sick person, it is best to prepare a gift. White is the color reserved for death in Chinese culture. They travel with two purposes, to see and to verify the historical records. Because of different national customs, there are also taboos on sending flowers. Attention should be paid to some etiquette when taking part in a memorial service. The sons and daughters wear black and white mourning clothes and walk in the front row of the procession. It is typically adorned with a large portrait of the deceased hanging on the windshield. From table manners to Chinese temple etiquette, we know you’ll want to avoid any embarrassing moments on your China tour. Martha spent about a year with me to customize every detail of this trip, which I kept adding and deleting. If the deceased is a man, the band goes on the left sleeve. It is rather inappropriate. The queuing system was a case of organised chaos in such a small space, but the meal was well worth waiting for. There are many taboos on sending flowers to a sick person. Guests at a Chinese funeral wear somber colors like black. Made from bamboo or rice paper, Joss paper is often made to look like money and is burnt in order to ‘give’ money to the souls of those who have died. Ready for adventure? This is indeed a pitiful thing. Having only two of us going around the Shaanxi museum, she was able to help us with anything we found interesting, going at our pace. One of the mothers took a shine to one of our party on behalf of her daughter, and when she discovered he was a lawyer, became very interested. The family will distribute to guests red envelopes with a coin inside to ensure they return home safely. On the "Ghost Festival" in July, people abstain from going out in the evening in case they might beat up the ghosts and gods and suffer disaster. The colour red is never worn for funerals, as it symbolises happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture (which is why it is the traditional colour of Chinese New Year and of Chinese weddings). Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture. It is part of the Confucian principle of filial piety and devotion to one’s parents. Burial is traditionally favoured in Chinese funerals, but with a rapidly expanding population, cremation is becoming more common. As usual Isa and me were fully satisfied. Same as the above, you do not wish to cut off your fortune the first day of the new year! We are an Australian family who took the private tour from 24 December 2019 to 3 January 2020. On that day, people usually appreciate festive lanterns. Through long-term evolution, people endow all sorts of flowers with certain morals to indicate affection and express emotions. The rest of us found this more amusing than he did! So don’t be discouraged when giving gifts, but don’t be too eager upon receiving one either! It is also called Duanyang Festival and Double Fifth Festival. If you are going to China, no doubt this tour is for you. The usual sights in Beijing were awesome and splendid, but the highlight was the Great Wall, as we expected. Birthday Congratulation Etiquette:  Birthday congratulation is actually congratulating on one's birthday. Don’t tap your chopsticks. In summary, the organisation was fantastic. We were met at the airport and would add that all pick-ups were on time each morning for tours, and at all stations or airports as well. In Chinese society, it is often the case, that people are likely to decline the offer a few times before accepting a gift, as a way of showing modesty. To avoid the misunderstanding, that could be interpreted as a deception, in the itinerary of the tour, the program details must be utterly succinct and concise, i.e. These items are sometimes associated with the loved one's interests and are believed to follow them into the afterlife. Sometimes called ghost money or spirit money, it is believed that the souls will need money in the realm of Diyu, where they are judged by Yan Wang, Lord of the Earthly Court, before being taken to heaven or hell. Don’t send pears or umbrellas to your Chinese friends in a relationship! This shows loyalty to the person who has died, keeping them company as they are prepared to journey into the spiritual afterlife.

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