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Here are the 10 best levels from the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. Online, you'll find the song has millions of views, remixes galore, and even a symphony performing a rendition. Web Woods required a lot of precise timing, making it a real challenge, plus, in Donkey Kong, the levels where you get to ride (or become) an animal were always a highlight, making this level one that remains in the memory of many DKC gamers. Best of all, you can ride Engaurde, DK's swordfish, which allows you to fight off the sharks. Diddy Kong volunteered to rescue Donkey and prove his competence to the family. Congrats on the quick and easy cheat code. The courts sided with Nintendo and Universal was forced to pay almost $2 million in legal fees. With its recent re-release for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest has been brought back into the limelight. The two are trying to rescue Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from the evil King K. Rool. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Throughout the level, you have to escape by climbing ropes - some which make you shoot up, while others make you slip down. Mine Cart Madness is the level everyone plays over and over again. The 10 Best Levels In The Donkey Kong Country Trilogy, 10 Reasons Donkey Kong Country Is Nintendo's Most Underrated Franchise, Ranking The 10 Scariest Horror Video Games Of All Time, 10 Retro Games From The 90s That Need A Remake In 2020, 10 Reasons Why The SNES Is Better Than The Sega Genesis, The 10 Best Video Games Sequels Of The Decade (According To Metacritic), 10 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Dark Souls' Development, God Of War: 10 Major Things That Led To Ragnarok. Inside K. Rool's cabin will be a note and a balloon, ignore both of these for now and head back outside to where Diddy Kong just was. The Donkey Kong Country trilogy features some of the most iconic levels in gaming across its trio of legendary titles. RELATED: 10 Retro Games From The 90s That Need A Remake In 2020. In the Gorilla Glacier region, you have to make your way out of an ice cave in Slip Slide Ride. Throughout the level, you have to swing across ropes, blast out barrels, and if you know the secret, enter the bonus level. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The game went on to sell millions of copies and was praised for its gameplay, soundtrack, and graphics. Donkey Kong Country 2’s story takes place right after the first game. Kremkoins are a source of currency in DKC2 used to pay off fines for Klubba, a club wielding Kremling who demands payment to enter his Lost World levels. The Donkey Kong Country series is no stranger to moving platform levels, each game in the series has multiple. Now, begin heading to the right and DO NOT collect the two bananas near the cabin. The Witcher: 10 Most Expensive Things You Can Buy From Merchants (& How Much They Cost), Assassin’s Creed: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Ezio, 10 Underrated Water Pokemon (That Are Actually Very Strong), 10 Marvel Villains We Want To See In The Next Avengers Game, 10 Best Super Nintendo Games (That Are Better On Sega Genesis), Skyrim: 10 Things You Never Knew About Skyrim's History, Nanomachines & 9 Other Signs You're Playing A Metal Gear Game, Dark Souls: 10 Questions About The Lore, Answered, 10 Games With Extensive Character Creation To Play While You Wait For Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy XIV: 10 Tips For Playing The Summoner Class, 10 Best Double Fine Games (According To Metacritic). To instantly collect the Kremcoins, players must first head to the game's first level, Pirate Panic. If you've ever wanted to run around the Ewok village from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, this is probably your best chance. But Donkey Kong's true claim to fame is the 1994 SNES game, Donkey Kong Country. Fans who are seeking to fully complete the game are going to want to collect all 75 of DKC2's cleverly hidden Kremkoins, and this guide will ensure players have every single one of them by the end of the first level. David Walter Anthony), copyright (c)2016 SECTION I: GENERAL. RELATED: 10 Reasons Donkey Kong Country Is Nintendo's Most Underrated Franchise. The level was so popular that is was famously revived in Donkey Kong 64. Jungle Hijinx is the very first level of the original game. On top of keeping the balloon airborne, you also have to dodge bad guys. This is based of the Game Boy Advance remake's intro, which can be viewed here: . In the level, you're underwater swimming through a coral reef. Donkey Kong Country 2: Get All 75 Kremkoins Instantly. They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time!” The level is challenging, fun, and easily of the most unique of all three games. Collecting this Kremkoin will instantly add 75 to Diddy's total, allowing players access to all of Klubba's levels. A one-stop shop for all things video games. ALWAYS NOTE: Press Start to pause your game in any level or boss stage. For Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the Super Nintendo, Bonus Level & Hero Coin Guide by Thrashnet. The level's soundtrack, titled Aquatic Ambiance, is known by gamers around the world, and cover versions and remixes are all over the internet and iTunes. Collecting all of Donkey Kong Country 2's Kremkoins can be a bit tricky, but this shortcut will ensure Diddy has all 75 by the end of level one. THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST GUIDE version 1.1 (for Super Nintendo Entertainment System) by Davy Jones (a.k.a. In the level, you're floating through the inside of a volcano on a hot air balloon. Stop and Go Station was truly one of the first genuinely stressful and scary levels in video game history. But Red-Hot Ride stands out because of how challenging it is. Re-enter K. Rool's cabin, this time making sure to grab the balloon and then repeat the previous step of avoiding the two bananas and collecting the banana bunch. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It's nonstop, fast-paced fun. These are the best of them. You have to jump over gaps in the track, dodge Kremlings, and make it to the finish line in one piece. The song was even brought back for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The world was first introduced to Donkey Kong in 1981, where he was Mario's rival in the arcade game Donkey Kong. The Donkey Kong Country series has always been hailed for its soundtrack, and Bramble Blast has one of the most beloved themes in the franchises' history. The soundtrack seems straight out of the Alien franchise, and throughout the level, which is an abandoned mine deep below a mountain, there are glowing barrels. The song to the level is called Stickerbrush Symphony. In Web Woods, you become a giant spider who has to navigate through the dark, misty forest. “Arrrrgh! This shortcut is quite simple to pull off, barring players don't touch that pesky pair of bananas near the entrance. Some time after the first adventue, Donkey Kong, while relaxing on the beach, was kidnapped by the Kremling Krew. Donkey Kong Country 2 - The Lost Levels - Download - YouTube It is okay to kill the enemies along the way in this section as long as the first two bananas are left untouched. Cranky goes up to him and complains how he never took breaks, \"whisking off maidens and thr… The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. You're chased by sharks, octopi, and even encounter giant clams. From the level start, head to the right a little bit until Diddy reaches a dropping point leading to the first line of bananas (there will be two of them). Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is available now to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. He asked for Donkey Kong to join him, but DK simply continues lounging. Part of the level is played at Trixie and Kiddy, and the other part is played as Squawks the Parrot. Simply jump over them and continue through the level until Diddy reaches a banana bunch floating above some barrels. 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