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Who wouldn’t love to be a fly on the wall at those 46 households? Or, alternatively, ‘pluck some baffling answer out of thin air at random.’ We can’t help feeling sorry for this bloke, mind…, 7 ‘(We asked 100 men) name a part of your body that’s bigger than it was when you were 16’, Family Feud, the US version of Family Fortunes, has also served up some gems over the years, none more so than this one. Another quality moment from Family Feud. Brian Dowling’s rather unexpected answer to this one might just be our favourite Family Fortunes answer of all time, ever. A question for your Family Feud party: Name a bad job for someone who's accident-prone. All quiz packs on this website are zip folders, they need to be unzipped. If you came here looking for some free Family Fortunes questions and answers then you're in luck. And the top 6 answers were... Football 35 Tennis 22 Cricket 14 Rugby 11 Baseball 9 Netball 7 2. 8. Are you in a blind panic because your quiz is only a few hours away? The ultra-confused look on Les Dennis’ face alone makes this worth watching. Is your time precious and you never seem to have enough of it. And don’t all shout at once, people…. Our survey says: 12 points. Family Feud Questions for Kids: Kid friendly and fun for the whole family! But only because one of the questions was ‘name a food that you often stuff…’, 3 ‘Name something you wouldn’t try even once…’, You’ll have to fast forward to the 0:42 mark for this one but we promise you it’s worth it. Name something you would find at the center of fancy chocolates (3 answers) Caramel. Family Fortunes 1. Name a ride you might see at a funfair. Er, no…, Our survey says: At least they don’t yet give out minus figures…. Family Feud Questions for Adults: These may be a little risqué—a guaranteed laugh for everyone playing. Possibly the longest opening round in Family Fortunes history, to the point when the increasingly desperate contestants seem to be just making it up as they go along. Name someone who wears white gloves to work. Do you see a theme developing here…? Our survey said: Funnily enough, no points. Coconut. 2. It took me months of research and countless hours of typing to put this lot together so you've got a years supply of Family Fortunes style quiz rounds to play with. Like, for example, these times when the show asked 100 people to…, 1 ‘Name something you put on jacket potatoes…’, Well yes you could. Contestant answers I Spy, much to the amusement of the audience. Pop Culture Family Feud Questions: If you know about celebrities like the back of your hand, give this game a try! Quelle surprise. Name something you should take with you on holiday. Free Family Fortunes Questions. 2 ‘Name something people take with them to the beach…’. Are you sick of the same clever quiz team winning all the time? Then it's time you put this round in your pub quizzes with this great download. 11 Name something you associate with the sea…’. Name a Bad Job for Someone Who's Accident-Prone Name a Garment You'd Probably Find in the Dressing Room for a Pro-Wrestling Event Name a Place You Visit Where You Aren't Allowed to … What you get in this download is a PDF, an Open Office Word document and notepad files all with 52 pages each, that's 52 quizzes of 10 questions with 5 answers to each question. Name something you might buy a carton of when shopping. Beautifully made picture round handouts to add variety to your quizzes, we've even taken the trouble to remove the backgrounds to save your printer ink. Name a sport played with a ball? 19. Out of the goodness of my heart I've put twenty questions and answers below for you to use any way you please. I Spy turns out to be the top answer. 12. Our survey says: No idea since the clip ends before that moment. And no, it hasn't run out of questions yet. But just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it…. If you want to see what the questions and answers are like before you buy then scroll down the page to see 20 of them as an example of what you're buying. Prison (1 Pt), Caravan (2 Pts), Tent (3 Pts), Hotel 4 Pts, House (5 Pts) One Answer Only for Each Question 2. Download this pack of 52 quizzes now before we put the price up, the next time you visit us it could be a lot more expensive, we're seriously considering it so hurry. We’ve come up with a list of 36 Family Feud questions for kids, teens, and adults so the entire family can participate in a game of Family Feud. Not only does the first contestant come out with something deeply weird, but his competitor then goes and follows it up with an answer which makes his look vaguely sensible. Remember: the numbers listed in parentheses after each top answer are points. simm on August 01, 2020: play it today Name a country starting with the letter A And the top 6 answers were... Albania 25 Australia 24 Austria 22 Algeria 12 Argentina 12 Afghanistan 11 3. We can seriously help you make a quiz in minutes. You can't get anything like these anywhere, they are totally unique. Tap more to look. These are very popular, have a look. After 35 years of livening up our weekends with its endless round of surveys, Family Fortunes is still going strong. Less than 20p a quiz! That's what we're offering you here, a whole years supply of Family Fortunes Quizzes at just 20 pence a quiz, you know it's a bargain so what are you waiting for? Our survey said: No points. Our survey says: Not nearly as many points as he DESERVES. Name a way of communicating with someone. Name something you might see at a football match. A contender for one of the most obscure answers ever given within a Family Fortunes setting…. Name an ice-cream flavour? 6. name a type of alcohol that can quickly catch up to you (7 answers) Beer. Comments. Is your time precious and would you work for a few pence per hour? Name a way of communicating with someone. 7. 1. Have Fun ! 3. 1. Name a song by Michael Jackson. How much for all my sweat and tears? Can someone remind us NEVER to get in a lift with Melinda Messenger…? If it’s up there we’ll give ’em the money ourselves. It's very important to us that you are satisfied with our products and our service. Our survey says: No points, the lot of ’em. Tie (1 Pt), Gloves (2 Pts), Hat (3 Pts), Socks (4 Pts), Scarf (5 Pts) 2. Vanilla 36 Chocolate 20 Could there be anyone more unfortunate in Family Fortunes history than this man? We assume this means raising a glass in their honour. If you came here looking for some free Family Fortunes questions and answers then you're in luck. 4. 36 Family Feud Questions and Answers. Chaos ensues. Imagine for a minute that you had to carefully type out 3000 lines of text, how long would that take, days? Our survey says: Well how many points would you have given it? 8 ‘(We asked 100 women) name a part of your husband’s body you would change…’. In order to run a Family Feud game, you’ve got to have a solid list of questions! Out of the goodness of my heart I've put twenty questions and answers below for you to use any way you please. Read the Terms and Conditions before you buy. Our survey says: A big old pile of nope, in case you hadn’t already guessed. Although it takes longer to do this, you will build the suspense, As to whether they have got the most points. Christmas, Valentines Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Saint Georges Day, Halloween and many more. If in doubt, just answer ‘turkey’ to every single question. No, we have no idea either…, 15 ‘Name something associated with The X-Files, Fast forward to the 1:12 mark. If you have never unzipped a folder before please read our help page first, you will find the link to the help at the top of this page, it's very simple to unzip folders so please don't be put off. This download is a bargain at only £9.99 so hurry before we put the price up! All Star Family Fortunes is on ITV on Sunday night at 8pm. 5. Name something you might do to your hair. Name a form of transport. Name something you wear that's made of cotton. But for every contestant who aces those questions, passes the 200 barrier and heads home with a big cheque and a new carriage clock, there’s others – both from the regular show and the All-Star edition – whose answers on the show have left us scratching our heads in puzzlement. Our survey said: 21 points. Name something you might find in your bathroom. That’s not how this contestant interpreted it. Not only is Family Fortunes fun to play but it has another purpose, it evens the playing field. And it’s not so much the answer that’s jaw-dropping (if inevitable) as host Steve Harvey’s reaction to it…. Our survey says: If any of them had scored any points we could have been spared all of this…. After all it worked for this man. Family Fortunes Here are the answers … Read the answers and scores out in reverse order. MORE : Hilarious videos alert: 20 times The Chase was the funniest show on television, I’m A Celebrity stars ‘win secret battle over pay’ with ITV, Alternative John Lewis Christmas advert 2020 has entire nation mourning over man and his dog, Susanna Reid recreates When Harry Met Sally’s iconic orgasm scene in celebration of Covid vaccine, Dr Hilary Jones warns viewers ‘not to celebrate prematurely’ over major Covid vaccine breakthrough, Nigella Lawson’s fish finger bhorta recipe sparks divided reaction: ‘Looks like an absolute game changer’, Hilarious videos alert: 20 times The Chase was the funniest show on television. It wouldn't be a fun quiz without a bonus round, so we've made stunning Catchphrase picture handouts for you to add to your quiz nights. 13. In this round of All Star Family Fortunes a member of Claire Richards’ clan served up one clanger – only for one of Danny Mac’s family to outdo her only moments later. If this is your first quiz from us then we strongly urge you to look at our help page before you download any of our pub quiz packs. 9. Our survey says: Giving an answer usually helps in this regard. But we can hazard a guess…. Half of the questions are from the TV show and the other half we made ourselves, we got the answers from doing surveys with the pub quiz teams at our quiz nights. By Phone ( 8 points) In Person ( 6 points) 5. These ready made pub quizzes cover all the major occasions throughout the year. Big Family Weekend 2019 – Family Fortunes Quiz If you and your children enjoy this quiz…If your child comes up with quirky answers…If your child wants more activities that entice their enthusiastic and enquiring mind…then take a look at the Learning Resources , our Blogs or more information about how we support Families . After 35 years of livening up our weekends with its endless round of surveys,  Family Fortunes is still going strong. Our survey says: 46 points. Name something both men and women wear. 11. Name a colour. Cherries. 20. Most of the questions are timeless meaning you can use them for years to come and they will remain relevant, we update the answers every year. And no, it hasn’t run out of questions yet. Instant download! I do and my quiz teams love it to bits.

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