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Amber attempts to step in to help, but Olivia stops her. For now though, this plot thread is left dangling for a possible season 2. Grayson Gurnsey Plays Ricky in Virgin River – 5 Quick Facts! He only came back to England after his audition for drama school was accepted, and the Kit’s dreams were coming true. Kit Clarke plays Logan in the Netflix series Get Even. To read more of her work, check out her site: and journey into the worlds that she creates. The Logan acto from Get Even came back to England and started his one year of training at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Things got out of hand but Logan admits to being innocent in all of this. Who are this secret society after the DGM? When Margot doesn’t forgive him for being crazy, he doesn’t take it well. Logan is arrested and the girls celebrate. Margot makes the move to have lunch in canteen for the first time since that humiliating day. I am excited for Margot’s progress. Undercover season 2, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Reconstructie”? Just so happens Amber and Olivia are a part of the group, too. Margot discovers that it was Olivia who stole her diary and made fun of it with her friends, so … If you ever stroll through the almost 400 pictures on Kit Clarke’s Instagram page, you will stumble into a lot of pictures of the actor in running gear. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy. BBC - Get Even - Media Centre Accessibility links Margot however, is not so sure. DGM may be able to continue if they can get Kitty’s scholarship back. Looks like it is back to square one for the girls. The actor plays around with his looks, prompting some fans to even ask if he was gay. The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Wrong End of a Telescope”, ‘I Am the Night’ Episode 2 – “Phenomenon of Interference” | TV Recap. Also Read: Get Even Netflix Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Rotten Tomatoes, Critics and Other Details About the British Teen Series. Things got out of hand but Logan admits to being innocent in all of this. If the show doesn’t get a second season, at least there is a book series that I could read to satisfy the urge. Lebo Malatse is a content creator and writer. (I think Cam stole Kitty’s spot for soccer captain.) As the various different scenes through this episode now make coherent sense, it was all an elaborate ploy to goad Logan out and force a confession. John reveals that he spoke to Shane the night before then professes his love for Bree. Kit’s sister got married recently, and he shares a close bond with his four siblings. Shalita Grant Plays Sherry in You Season 3 – 5 Quick Facts, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie in Virgin River Season 2 – 5 Quick Facts, Kit Clarke Plays Logan in the Netflix Series Get Even, Kit Clarke Worked in Construction at the Age of 15, Kit Clarke is a Podium Finishing Marathon Runner. (I think something happened to her.). The moment that Logan took off running, Headmaster’s lackey looked to him for the go-ahead before actually taking off after Logan too. As she steps out the car, she messages the other members but their mission for now is obscured. Undercover season 2, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Roadblock”? What’s with the black car the Principal stepped in? Kit Clarke was only 15 years old when he went to live with his uncle in New Zealand. Logan spills the tea that Christopher was the mastermind behind most of the things. The series was adapted by Holly Phillips from the book series Don't Get Mad by Gretchen McNeil, and focuses on a group of schoolgirls who form a group to expose bullies at their school. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. DGM congratulate her for her awesome take down. Things got out of hand but Logan admits to being innocent in all of this. Christopher, the guy Logan was comforting that one day, finds Margot to talk to her about feeling welcomed by the drama club and eating lunch with them. As he is on stage, falling apart, Margot makes an appearance in the front row. It takes a couple of approaches but focuses mostly on interpersonal drama. Margot finds pictures of Coach Creed with a student, Cam. Margot also says yes to coffee with Logan. Can Bree, Olivia and Kitty serve as support for one more critical takedown? Margot, calls him out for all of it and accuses him of murdering Ronny. His uncle had a construction company in the country, and Kit got some valuable experience during his one year stay in New Zealand. Cue a foot chase and Logan not getting caught. Drama club rehearsal gives Margot and Logan the opportunity to talk briefly about the people in the club. Nasty. Our Marvel previews for January 2021 is a continuation of our monthly preview series, which has been on hiatus since, This recap of Apple TV+ series Long Way Up season 1, episode 10, “Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico” contains significant, This recap of The Right Stuff season 1, episode 6, “Vostok”, contains spoilers. I’m all down for mysteries and secret societies, so season two better bring it. ‘Helstrom’ Season 1, Episode 3: “The One Who Got Away” —RECAP, PODCAST: Fargo’s E’myri Crutchfield and Grand Army’s Crystal Nelson & Alphonso Romero Jones II, PODCAST: The Cast of ‘Warrior’ Olivia Cheng, Dianne Doan, and Andrew Koji, PODCAST: Cabblow Studios Animators and Author Nic Stone, PODCAST: Comedian Dulcé Sloan Has ‘That Black Ass Show’, ‘Get Even’ Episode 5 Recap: Get What You Want. She’s an…. As they head back to Bannerman, the entire school learn the truth via video footage that’s broadcast up on stage. She doesn’t handle it well with the wall around her heart thing. Headmaster has Bree for detention during her usual PE hour, and she is stuck with Rex, too. They are really cute. Margot runs and jumps into the river, Logan chases after her to only find a shoe. Source: Kit Clarke Instagram. After thanking the teacher for being honest, she leaves. Logan brings Margot a pretzel and tries to get her to open up, but she really struggles with talking to him. Alone, Margot views a video of Amber reading Margot’s diary to the school during lunch one day, Rex was egging her on. Mom gives her a sweet pep talk. They are a cute possible couple. Now, 22 years old, Kit Clarke is trying his talents in front of the camera to some respectable results. With Christopher’s arrest still looming over proceedings, Margot learns that it was Olivia who originally stole her diary, which leads to a major confrontation and some deep wounds being gouged. Looks like they have been upgraded from coworkers to friends. As a matter of fact, we actually get a couple of new suspects, including Donte, whose alibi doesn’t hold up, and Logan, in whose glovebox Margot finds a familiar note. It would explain Headmaster’s behavior towards the end of the season. Kitty is struggling with the possibility of losing her scholarship next year. Our site uses cookies. Episodes Get Even. Big mean girl with money vibes coming from that child. Get Even season 1, episode 10 recap – “Get Justice”. Kitty shows up and informs Margot that Coach Creed was with Cam the night Ronny died. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! It turns out Christopher and Logan wanted to expose Ronny for all the wrong he was involved with but things got out of hand. Long Way Up episode 10 recap – what happened in “Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico”? His family are part of a society who are after the group. More Details. The scenes for this episode are jumping around pretty quickly. But that isn’t to say that the mystery gets no progression. Logan is your typical theatre nerd who leads the drama club, and he is also attracted to Margot. Actor, director, producer, that is… Grayson Gurnsey Plays Ricky in Virgin River – 5 Quick Facts! © 2020 TheReviewGeek. With the truth now exposed, Logan bolts from the room. According to an award letter he got from Berlin Marathon, Kit Clarke finished third in the 17-23 age group race. Margot however, is not so sure. Logan ended up chasing Margot and presumably would have killed her if he didn’t spy a shoe in the water and assumed she had drowned. Logan goes to the school to prepare for the play, but can’t hide his feelings. This happens to be the same familiar black car we saw before-hand.

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