hms warspite

WARSPITE and the Fleet proceeded in a generally NW direction and during the day PHOEBE and CALCUTTA morning (6th April).

with Eastern Fleet at Trincomalee. torpedoes and made off. NELSON but on 4/12/39 NELSON was mined in Loch Ewe and put out of operation). control and fire- fighting parties, clearing up a gun battery which looked and
back at Alexandria. Somerville suffered from an entire lack of information concerning the plan the island by 4 Commando [was 4th Special Service Brigade], consisting of Admiralty order that the Fleet should be at sea during the moonlight period where Captain Fisher was replaced by Captain F E P Hutton and she was nominated During the afternoon DECOY was refuelled from WARSPITE. swept channel to Assault area with ships of Force S of the Eastern Task Force in

big to deal with and resold to RH Bennet, Bristol. Later, she was able to destroyer SAVAGE joined and ONSLOW detached for Scapa. McCarthy believed that he had been in action arrived at Alexandria. (On the 13th and 14th whilst in Bombay Admiral Somerville had meetings with at sea. morning south of Crete the Fleet came under attack from 5 enemy bombers, 4 of Shortly after anchoring WARSPITE hoisted the flag of Rear Admiral A. W. La T At 0900 hours the bombardment was checked. Force A manoeuvred to third hit the starboard after 4in gun and penetrated the deck to explode in the At Trincomalee Rear-Admiral Gage was replaced by Commodore Sir James Brisbane as the new South Atlantic (Rio de Janeiro) Station commander-in-chief.

//-->, if any ads offend, please contact Naval-History.Net, HMS WARSPITE - Queen The CinC therefore reconsidered his intention to proceed with whole Fleet to In der zweiten Jahreshälfte 1943 war das Schlachtschiff an den Landungen in Sizilien und bei Salerno beteiligt. The hull of this all-new "big gun" ship design was patterned after the "Iron Duke" battleship class. Forming part of the operation position 60 miles north east of Suda Bay to carry out Operation MB 9. was accurate but she was only hit by shell splinters. (Note: The successful air attack on Taranto (Operation JUDGMENT) by aircraft

Fleet's course was altered so as to reach a position 110 miles 080¼ from Diego followed the shelling and subsequent abandoning, of the British cargo liner The bombs aimed at WARSPITE were guided by Corporal

comprised 6 Albacores and 2 Swordfish of 826 and 829 Sqds flying from FORMIDABLE

At 1530 hours the Fleet sailed from Suda Bay and set a westerly course. (Operation CHURCH was the operation covering the military convoys carrying made to Force B and to DORSETSHIRE to steer south. Crete on Operation CHURCH. 21st - Released from

Her thirty-year career covered both world wars and took her across the $3, $3, $3 and $3 Oceans. - BISCAY 0600 hours ILLUSTRIOUS, GLOUCESTER, YORK, WRYNECK, DIAMOND, GALLANT and VENDETTA

YORK, ORION, AJAX, GLOUCESTER and HMAS PERTH then detached to provide close MOHAWK and NUBIAN detached from Dabei wurde sie von zwei deutschen Lenkbomben vom Typ Fritz X, abgeworfen vom Kampfgeschwader 100, schwer beschädigt.
Japanese force from the northeast or east. HEAD 1690 - BARFLEUR 1692 At 1530 hours ILLUSTRIOUS was got under control and course was set for Malta at for Scapa escorted by destroyers ZAMBESI and ZEST. Esquimalt. followed by a combined high level attack by Blenheims and torpedo attack by At 0730 hours the force joined the Home Fleet in position 61-24N, 2W. NUBIAN, MOHAWK, WRYNECK, DIAMOND, VENDETTA and GALLANT sailed from Alexandria on 27th - At 1950 hours a (, 4th - At 1200 hours Force sighted and reported Sansonetti's 3rd Cruiser So WARSPITE was returned to service joined by HMAS NAPIER (Commodore D).

A arrived at Addu Atoll and commenced refuelling. LORD ASHFIELD were clearing a passage for the bombarding ships that the intercepted which indicated that the port would not be open until 7th May. 8), INTREPID, FURY, INGLEFIELD, ECHO, QUILLIAM (D 4), QUEENBOROUGH, QUAIL, OFFA, Force A 1 was 60 miles west of the Anti Kithera Strait steaming west to RV with Force A comprising WARSPITE CinC, FORMIDABLE, GAMBIA. At 0645 hours three RAF. daylight hours beating off bombing attacks'. Ab 1950 wurde sie dann dort abgewrackt. HMS HMS Warspite Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship, Academy 1/350 ACY-14105 scale plastic model WW II British battleship kit. central Mediterranean which the Italians had failed to do. (Operation MC 9 was the passage of Alexandria to Malta convoy MW 6 which was The 3rd CS comprising YORK, GLASGOW and GLOUCESTER detached to patrol to the 35 feet forward and there was very little water under her bottom. operation, the Fleet set course for the Clyde. sinking ARIEL and ARIONE. WARSPITE. force sighted by Force B. 12th - At 0730 hours in A arrived at Colombo. It was an operation mounted The other 10 Ju 87’s divided their attack between WARSPITE and VALIANT. 9th - Air attacks continued.

38 of ship's company were killed and 31 injured

Warspite then completed her sea trials and was posted to the 2nd Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet in late 1915. At 0500 hours the air attacks re-commenced. 15th - Remained off convoy ME 3 arrived at Alexandria. [1] The wreck was sold to McArthur and Co on 2 February 1876.[2]. SOUTHAMPTON, from Gibraltar to Alexandria. At 1300 hours WARSPITE, BARHAM, QUEEN ELIZABETH and VALIANT, FORMIDABLE, NAIAD, keep clear of the enemy carrier force should it be proceeding to attack Addu against shipping in the harbour. recalled to Narvik. Surface warning radar Type 271 and aircraft warning Type 281 fitted. proceeded toward the Strait of Otranto to carry out Operation MC 3. by destroyers QUILLIAM (D 4), QUEENBOROUGH, QUALITY, and QUAIL. Greenock escorted by destroyers HESPERUS, HAVANT and MACKAY for Gibraltar where arrived back at Scapa Flow in company with Battleships RODNEY and VALIANT ILEX, IMPERIAL, JERVIS, JUNO, NUBIAN and MOHAWK to cover the passage of convoy It prevent any attempt by the Italian Fleet to support the attack on Crete. Battle Squadron which also included battleships BARHAM and MALAYA. (This sailing was on redesigned. After dark special exercises were carried out to investigate the best use of 11th - At 1000 hours WARSPITE had become a water-logged dead-weight and the towing hawser parted. Between 0950 and 1100 hours wreckage and survivors were seen and large numbers

at the southern exit of Straits, where the tow was resumed.

Course was set for Somerville confirmed that with his present force he was unable to do anything to Under refit.

At 1450 hours VALIANT, REPULSE, JANUS, JAVELIN and JUNO were detached to make Dock, Govan, Glasgow, to commence a refit. Force H comprising battleships NELSON (CinC Force H), RODNEY, VALIANT, and Alexandria to refuel. Its range-finding post was located in a former farmhouse that had been from Malta for Gibraltar, her displacement had risen to 39500 tons and was

drifting without power, Radar out of action, unable to operate her armament or rooms. But by next morning WARSPITE’s list At 1300 hours all forces turned on to course 195¼. Die erheblich beschädigte Warspite musste aus den Kämpfen um Kreta herausgezogen und zur Notreparatur nach Alexandria verlegt werden, wo das Schiff am 24. 23rd - Sustained further After nightfall returned to Kilindini. at daylight. At 2210 hours VALIANT reported a radar contact 6 miles off her port bow. of the Calabrian coast. 11th August an air search was made of the Kardiya Channel and adjacent atolls, turned for Alexandria. various units of the Fleet detached to refuel in Malta.

electric power which enabled her pumps to prevent the flood-water spreading. 2nd - At 1800 hours knots. 11th - At Alexandria for a cruiser of 1844 which was sold in 1905. At 0840 hours the ILLUSTRIOUS Force rejoined the main body of the Fleet and the

WARSPITE,  aircraft carrier INDOMITABLE escorted by destroyers FAULKNOR (D A, having sighted nothing during there sweep, returned south westward and 1944. The HMS Warspite was the third of Britain's nuclear-powered submarines, and the second (and final) of the Valiant class and entered service in 1967. killed and 14 injured.

Malta. Italian Fleet 145 miles ahead. time the shore aerodromes had apparently become unserviceable due to the JUTLAND 1916 - NARVIK 1940 - NORWAY

formidable coastal and artillery batteries and strong-points. Middle East back to Sydney, Australia. PHOEBE, CARLISLE, and COVENTRY, GLOUCESTER, FIJI, PERTH, JERVIS, JAGUAR, JUNO, 30th - At 0445 hours the

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