jeopardy seniors tournament 1987

-December 21, 2005-Laura vs. Karen vs. Jeff (532.7) -September 19, 1996-Lucien vs. Doug vs. Laurie (SF50.3) -May 19, 2005 (my 18th birthday! The last day for Alex’s trademark moustache. -May 7, 1997-International Tournament, from Sweden! -April 11, 2002-Lynda vs. Erik vs. Judy. -October 3, 2017-Austin vs. Amy vs. Ryan Solomon Howard vs. Aidan Mehigan vs. Rachel Rothenberg -May 26, 1989-Rich vs. Doug vs. Thompson. -October 23, 2017-Kathleen vs. Marcus vs. Nan No commercials (SF60.4) Greg Peterson vs. Kyle Neblett vs. Meryl Federman. GSN credit crunch (749.8) games when each missed Final Jeopardy! -June 2, 2006-Johnathan vs. Dan vs. Richard (492.9) -May 2, 1994-College Championship Quarterfinal #1! GSN broadcast, no last segment (JJ4.3) Jim Scott won 1991's Tournament of Champions, but Leslie Frates (who he defeated in the semifinals) has proven to be the favourite contestant from season 7, appearing in all of the show's later reunion tournaments, where she became the only woman to make the finals of one during 1993's Tenth Anniversary Tournament. -May 3, 2002-$1,000,000 Masters Tournament Quarterfinals #3! Numerous, which led the American version to host three one-week International Jeopardy! -November 23, 2001-Trevor vs. Betsy vs. Jake. Kizzle vs. Harry vs. Nicole (671.2) -September 10, 1984-PREMIERE!!! (which was resolved with the Daily Double). As the tournament winner, Jennings was named "The Greatest of All Time" and won $1 million. The tournament winner receives a top prize of $100,000. Original commercials or 4/6/19 repeat with commercials -November 21, 2002-College Championship Finals, Game 1 (RI25.3) May 2012 6 day champion Joel Pool needed an escape from second place to win four of his six games, only leading going into Final for his second and fourth games. Robert Loggia vs. Renee Taylor vs. Alicia Witt (SF29.2) Each featured English-fluent champions from 8 or 9 different international versions of the show. Karen was also on the 1983 Jeopardy pilot! -May 10, 2019-Teachers Tournament Quarterfinal #5! -November 20, 2001-College Championship Finals #2, from UCLA! by xabe » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:01 pm, Post Bellamy Young vs. Josh Gad vs. Ginger Zee -February 16, 2018-Rob vs. Gianna vs. Vinay Marv vs. Susan vs. Sasha. -February 3, 2017-Lisa vs. Tyler vs. Marion. -October 30, 1990-David vs. Mitch vs. Julie (SF16.2) No commercials (SF2.3) -September 12, 2003-Aimee vs. Bernie vs. Jill (157.2) -July 2, 2004-KEN JENNINGS vs. Judy vs. Mary Ann. Dan vs. Peter vs. Craig (RI7.3) If the player in the lead has more than twice as much as the second-place player going into Final Jeopardy!, no one can catch them. Includes a Merv Griffin's Crosswords promo! News crawl on bottom GSN broadcast (GG11.5) Special 9/11 charity week! -April 30, 2020-Sarah vs. Kevin vs. Jesse No commercials (JF24.4) -February 6, 2008-Babatope vs. Srinivas vs. Joanne (1171.11) Includes a Wheel of Fortune promo! with the players both tied at $7,600 showed the pitfalls of the ", May 9, 2002: Going into Final Jeopardy! Hikma Abdulghani vs. Allison Hurley vs. Pat Mobley (RI20.3) -November 19, 2018-Teen Tournament final #1! -November 5, 2015-Sam vs. Mike vs. Ken -March 8, 2016-Brent vs. Paul vs. Annie -October 26, 1992-The first ever Celebrity Jeopardy! The contestant won the game (and the partially-written answer on the light board seemed to indicate that he knew the correct answer all along, and that there actually, Averted in the 2015 Tournament of Champions quarterfinals, where 5 day champion (and eventual wild card semifinalist) John Schultz accidentally, In July 2018, the in-studio display for the Final Jeopardy! -March 16, 2007-Scott vs. Jamie vs. Anders. round with a zero or negative score is disqualified from playing the Final Jeopardy! In a unique example from tournaments, high school senior Milo Dochow was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the February 1999 Teen Tournament, but after a questionable judges ruling was found to have possibly cost him a semifinal spot, he was brought back for the February 2000 College Championship (though he didn't make it any farther there). No credits, thanks to GSN error (363.4) Aug 12, 2020. movies. Champions", "World Community Grid to benefit from Jeopardy! Day 45 for Ken (263.6) (SF39.1) or GSN commercials without the full logo (SF28.5) Dominic vs. Taylor vs. Amanda (RI24.1) No commercials (SF37.5) No commercials (GG28.3) had the correct response of "What is oxygen?" The opening game of season 26's Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament episode with Andy Richter and Wolf Blitzer from September 2009. -April 19, 2006-Bob vs. Kathleen vs. Rodney (507.9) (Vinita would eventually compete in the 2004 TOC, making the semifinals.). -October 18, 2005-Melissa vs. Dominic vs. Kim. GSN broadcast (JR11.5) -October 7, 1997-James vs. Diane vs. Yolanda. -January 3, 2006-Tom vs. James vs. Leslie. GSN broadcast, no last segment (JJ.4) clue asked for the contestants to identify the George Cross. -April 3, 2009-Diane vs. Jennie-Rebecca vs. Kevin. -January 12, 2006-Kevin vs. Kerri vs. Jesse (451.10) board was located to the. Ian vs. Nina vs. Jacob (172.10) -September 16, 2003-Jill vs. Brian vs. Becky (352.7) -January 5, 2010-Jennifer vs. Dave vs. Kelly (JP67.2) -January 1, 2020-First episode of the 2020s! Christian Haines vs. Sara Terrell vs. Steve Unite (607.11) The semi-final and final rounds aired during the first full week of May 2010. GSN credit crunch (1047.3) GSN credit crunch (458.8) Few original commercials and a contestant plug! GSN broadcast, no last segment (JJ7.2) Omid was also on Masters of the Maze in 1995. -September 29, 2003-Chuck vs. Leslie vs. Doug (178.6) -April 11, 2017-Greg vs. Steve vs. Atissa Quarterfinalist Justin Vossler lost out on a wild card spot when his response of "What is the George, The first episodes in 1964 had a slightly different board (with the category titles located above, The first Trebek season, for that matter. No commercials (SF9.2) It was the first attempt during Alex Trebek's hosting run to gather the series' best contestants up to that date. -February 19, 2018-Rob vs. Kate vs. Florence The first game of the two-game IBM Challenge (February 14-15, 2011) saw IBM's Watson computer finish with $35,734 (even after a wrong Final Jeopardy answer). -November 10, 1995-Celebrity Jeopardy! -May 29, 2008-Pat vs. Steve vs. Alison (1053.9) GSN broadcast (347.2) -May 31, 2002-Jill vs. Mala vs. Steven. -November 19, 1996-Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal #2! GSN broadcast, no last segment (JJ6.4) One Final Jeopardy! No commercials (JF24.5) No commercials or credits. -May 2, 2017-Alan vs. Chris vs. Liz -November 29, 1984-Mark vs. Tom vs. Nancy (NP49.4) -December 14, 2016-Cindy vs. Susanna vs. Edward Gosia Czepek of Poland vs. Fredrik Gildea of Sweden vs. Laszlo Mero of Hungary (JF147.3) The winner is decided! -June 10, 2008-Donna vs. Emily vs. Danny (1115.11) 5/23/15 repeat Megan vs. Tim vs. Kelly (288.2) Autumn vs. Andrew -October 3, 1996-Bill vs. Frances vs. Steve (SF24.4) Ryan Chaffee vs. Liz Murphy vs. Patrick Tucker Much of the chatter surrounding the 2014 Tournament of Champions finals revolved around who'd win between 20 day champion Julia Collins and 11 day champion Arthur Chu (far and away the top winners of season 30), but both lost in the finals to 8 day champion Ben Ingram after he opened up a $10,000 lead going into day 2. -September 18, 2015-Natalie vs. Eric vs. Tina trailing Joon Pahk by a wide margin. -November 5, 1991-Tournament of Champions Quarterfinals #2! -March 28, 2017-Adam vs. Julie vs. Steve -April 21, 2004-David vs. Tom vs. Wendy. -March 13, 2002-Hanley vs. Mont vs. Heather. GSN credit crunch -November 5, 1997-Teen Tournament Quarterfinals #3! I WAS AT THIS TAPING!!! Tom vs. Amanda vs. Mark. News crawl on bottom Day 14 for Ken. (And the first Teen episode ever!) GSN credit crunch (442.2) Game show category! -November 14, 2006-Celebrity Jeopardy, from RCMH! (GG15.2) -June 2, 2005-David vs. Julie vs. Rande (435.7) From season 2 onward, the buzzers activate after the clue is finished, and premature ring-ins are locked out for 1/8 of a second. -June 17, 1993-Maryann vs. Cliff vs. Kevin. -October 29, 2001-Tournament of Champions Semifinals #1! -June 10, 1996-Bob vs. Jack vs. Rosemary. -June 25, 2008-Dorothy vs. Kathleen vs, Dan (1071.11) -February 17, 2017-College Championship quarterfinal #5! Part of open cut (GG74.1) Kathy Mattea vs. Doug Savant vs. Michael Sabatino (SF34.3) -January 23, 2015-Will vs. Brad vs. Sarah Part of open clipped, GSN credit crunch (886.1) -June 24, 2015-Matt vs. Shayna vs. Pat -November 28, 2008-Peter vs. Rose vs. Kyle (JP49.7) -March 9, 2015-Rachael vs. Mike vs. Jen Original commercials or 2/25/17 repeat Brief video blackout during contestant interviews, weather advisories during Double J! Day 32 for Ken (237.5) GSN broadcast, no last segment (JJ6.1) GSN credit crunch (370.12) Sean Ryan vs. Anne Boyd vs. Jim Stalley (310.6) GSN credit crunch (436.5) -April 17, 1998-Evan vs. Timothy vs. Alana (NJ5.4) -January 24, 2002-Ron vs. Chris vs. Allison. -July 6, 1987-Partial episode; starts at Double Jeopardy. -October 22, 2018-Erik vs. Mike vs. Joanna -October 12, 2007-Kids Week! -December 31, 2008-Last episode of 2008. -November 26, 2002-Faith vs. Celeste vs. Ian. -November 3, 2017-Monica vs. Kara vs. Nicole -December 31, 2013-Jerry vs. Alyson vs. Reggie. -January 26, 2016-Fred vs. Sonam vs. Gerry GSN credit crunch (363.5) GSN credit crunch (748.2) -March 31, 2020-Kyle vs. J.R. vs. Leanne GSN credit crunch (446.4) -January 23, 2009-Matt vs. Rachel vs. Quinn (JP50.13) The field of contestants were divided into decades of Jeopardy! Jennifer Katz vs. Viraj Mehta vs. Hannah Whisnant -March 10, 2005-Jay Rosenberg vs. Pam Mueller vs. Michael Day (345.8) -November 30, 2001-Frank vs. Lara vs. Charan. -June 23, 2016-Laurie vs. Will vs. Marjika No commercials (SF39.2) GSN credit crunch (428.4) has featured over 200 celebrity contestants. (1063.9) -June 13, 1996-Bill vs. Rick vs. Mary Ann. The VHS Vault . This also happened to Christine Black and Anna Rodriguez, who had very low winning totals on their first games ($600 and $799, respectively), then finished third on their second games, thus meaning they won, 1988 Seniors Tournament competitor D.J. -December 9, 2005-LeeAundra vs. Beth vs. Elaine. or "Is that an ____?". -April 18, 2018-College Championship Semifinal #3! Heidi Greimann vs. Evan Stewart vs. Liana Walters. Season 35 -December 3, 1984-Leslie vs. Dan vs. Nicholas. -February 25, 2002-Roger vs. Jen vs. Anthony. No credits (DL35.2) Averted with the 2004 addition of extra rehearsal time before games taped in season 21, which followed Ken Jennings' then-48 game winning streak to end season 20. -October 4, 2001-Rod vs. Diane vs. Mike. -July 26, 2006-Celeste vs. Matthew vs. Theresa (981.3) -July 15, 1996-Olympic Games Tournament, game 1! -February 7, 2002-Teen Tournament Quarterfinals #4! Addeddate 2020-08-28 19:52:49 Identifier Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add … -October 13, 1997-Doug vs. Lindley vs. Peter. No commercials or credits (GG31.3) -November 9, 2006-Celebrity Jeopardy, from Radio City Music Hall! -September 15, 2008 (Taped 8/12/08)-Kids Week Reunion!

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