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Question- how much fuel do people take for a 10-12 day trip. This is really interesting. That example is about as clear as mud.". Grams are a fairly precise measure. Learn more! more like 7 or 8 g per two cup boil. This could be complete BS but it's the sense I get. I use an improvised wind screen during high winds. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I'm giving you a range, and you have to figure out how much fuel you are burning for the conditions you typically encounter. I dont have an answer but my experience is that there is a portion of fuel in the canister that is "unusable". Huh. Last year was my first year using a jetboil (windburner) I carried in 1-100gram and 1-230gram canisters for an 7 day hunt with camp at 9,800'. How many meals per day and why the Sumo? 05-18-2013, 15:46. We all had MH or similar for dinner, but many had ramen or MH for lunch, and most had oatmeal for breakfast. So, a Jetboil Sol and MSR Reactor were pressed into service for heating water; a Primus Express was the choice for general cooking duties; and when the temperature dropped below freezing, we inverted the canister on a Coleman Fyrestorm Ti using the Powermax Fuel Adapter and used it as liquid fuel. Let me create a chart which will be more exact. Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that? You are using an out of date browser. You can extrapolate for other trip lengths from my (ahem) brilliantly designed chart. Still a great bit of kit but you have to work through the limitations of butane as your fuel. If a recipe calls for two cups of boiling water, as most backpacking type meals do, then that's about 500 ml. Then of course after the trip I have two partially-full canisters. I've been considering the Jetboil Sumo for sheep hunting this year as a possible weight saving for my cooking system. Sorry if unclear, this is a single-take, type-as-fast-as-I-can-before-the-boss-catches-me type post. To post to our forums, please register. Two smalls. Instructions: Defaults: This page is initialized with default weights for A) stove, B) fuel, C) fuel bottle, and D) an estimate for overage, but you can easily enter your own exact stove and fuel weights. I have two 8.11 oz cans (jetboils medium sized can) - think this will be enough? Great work though. We really need to bite the proverbial bullet and make the conversion. more like 7 or 8 g per two cup boil. Spent 9 days in Alaska in September, brought two 230gm canisters per guy. Check the fuel level of any Jetboil canister before you leave the house with the Jetboil JetGauge. HJ (the nutty stove guy who just can't get enough of numbers). "I do not deal in hypotheticals. But after a couple weekend trips, then a couple weeks without hiking, I go to grab the canister and realize I have no idea how full it is, beyond just hefting it in my hand and guesstimating. I didn't want to mess with grabbing the wrong can from the garage. edit: Or I guess I could just weigh the canister before each trip...why did that never occur to me?? It takes generally 5 or 6 g per two cup boil for a heat exchanger pot set up, so that is five or six cups boiled per hot meal per day (assuming two hot meals per day). A cup is a more general and less precise measure. If stove would quit, or lack of fuel I eat MT House cold. Supersite offers several membership levels. That sucker boils fast. Simmering, frying, poaching, etc. That should be plenty if you dont have to boil drinking water. This is somewhat reflective of the mess that the US is in with respect to weights and measures. Press J to jump to the feed. If you're interested, I have a series of tips and techniques to improve fuel economy listed on my blog: The "30 minutes" cited above are intended to be illustrative not exact. Give me time. Bringing this much fuel means you have a bit of a longer trip coming up, or you are just being prepared and bringing extra fuel—both of which are great reasons! Hope this all makes sense (or at least stirs discussion and that after discussion things then make sense). How many meals per day and why the Sumo? 10 days and 2 hot meals per day using a JetBoil stove in the summer months, at high altitude, is easily satisfied with one 8 oz fuel container. With the electronic ignition, the Jetboil had water boiling almost as quickly as I could light and pump the old Coleman Exponent stove. 7% (.17) x 230 gram = 39 grams. A 110 g canister is typically enough for a three day trip. I do have a different stove, the optimus crux folding lite, with a pot with the heat exchange ring thing on the bottom. A Jetboil will burn about 5 to 6 g (typically) per two cup boil. Jetpower Fuel, now available for purchase online. Illustrative Example Say for example you have a 230 g canister and you use a Jetboil. I go for the largest container that meets the requirement to save bulk and a few ounces. Please use The 100 gram canister lasted the entire trip- 2 meals a day (breakfast+tea and dinner). Liquid fuel or wood is the way to go if you routinely camp in below freezing conditions. Far better in my estimation to take that extra thirty seconds per meal than to have to pack in an extra canister or carry the next larger size canister. If you sell me a 110 g canister of gas, I expect there to be 110 g in there with maybe a +/- 1 g variance. I usually take two, but rarely get into the second one. Sheep hunting at elevation might change some of the end results but I think you can get a good idea. But short me 25 g in my canister of gas, and I'll be madder than a hornet. Better to carry out a little extra fuel than to run short two days before the end of a trip. :) Basically I'm trying to show you how many cups you can boil per meal on an eight day trip like mine. So match the unit of measure to the level of precision appropriate, I suppose. 230g translates to a little more than 8oz, so this amount of fuel will add to your pack in a more noticeable way, but still not too bad. It always lights and burns hot. Purchase and Download for $19.99 at the following links: Apple Devices. Not really. ! Jetboil builds super-dependable backpacking stoves and camping systems that pack light, set up quick, and achieve rapid boils in minutes. below. r/Ultralight is the largest online Ultralight Backpacking community! For a canister size, pick your stove consumption rate, and follow that over for a rough estimate of how far that will get you. In my Primus, 2 cups is less than half of the cup I think and it boils very quickly. How much fuel do we need for our trip? This year I am going in for 10 days and bringing 2-100gram canisters. Using the Jetboil Flash. For a longer trip it's too risky and I have to go out and buy another canister. Tags: None. I have used two of the bigger canisters over four years while hunting in the fall and cooking on the boat in the summer. This page was generated at 1 minute ago. Type of stove is the main factor in fuel economy (it's pretty tough to beat a Jetboil or other heat exchanger type set up in terms of fuel economy), but for a given stove type, how high you set the flame is a major factor in fuel economy. Side note: If you’re using Jetboil canisters, the Jetboil JetGauge Canister Weight Scale offers accurate weight measurement in the field. Take your moose hunt to the next level! "Gee, Hikin' Jim, thanks a ton. I'm going to experiment anyway, because science, but this is confirming that I'm risking not being able to cook enough on the last day. 220 gram canister should be good for a hot meal and hot beverage per day for my upcoming 6 day hike? Shooting invasive Iguanas with a pellet gun? I was looking at trying the ~110g for my upcoming three day trip, but I do like to make a few cups of tea and cook on it, so I think that I might not have enough in just that wee can. That's about 30 g per day. The only issue is all of these I have mentioned only hold the smaller 110g cannister. I stopped using the jetboil for colder conditions because I can’t set the insulated pot in or near a fire when the stove won’t function. That is with 1-3 meals per day plus coffee. and you have the amount of fuel that remains. All times are GMT-9. The other really big factor in fuel economy, for a given stove, is wind. To calculate how much fuel you need for your trip in grams. Jetboil flash will boil 12 liters of water per 100 gram canister on average. Always shelter your stove from wind. The other big mistake in fuel economy is turning up your stove too high. A Jetboil will burn about 5 to 6 g (typically) per two cup boil. Something like that. Boiled twice per day. I should probably create a column for number of days, given that some people do occasionally take trips other than 8 days in length although, as we all know, 8 days is the holy and perfect number for lengths of backpacking trips (um, that's a joke for those of you who don't "get" my somewhat obscure sense of humor). In this example where I'm assuming 5 g fuel per two cup boil, you'd be able to boil about six cups each time you used your stove. Its saves room to take 2 small canisters. The column just to the left of the far right column is an estimate for those who boil three cups per meal twice a day. The gauges also have user changeable thresholds for low (yellow) and very low (red) fuel levels. In the second set of charts, there are again four lines per canister size. The difference between the two is the amount of fuel you have burned. Turn your stove down. Now, are we talking gourmet dinners or are we talking about the more typical "instant" type backpacking foods? A conventional stove (Pocket Rocket, GigaPower, etc.) colonel00. Adventures In Stoving: What's the Best Brand of Gas for Cold Weather? I'm thinking two meals a day - mountain house, heathers choice, ramen, etc. (NOTE: For snow melting, you should roughly double the fuel consumption figures). Wind can just absolutely destroy your fuel economy, and all your estimates go right out the window. A conventional stove (Pocket Rocket, GigaPower, etc.) Getting out there just got easier with our signature Jetpower Fuel; a four season, high performance fuel perfect for Jetboil … Register What's the advantage some of you guys find in bringing two of the 4oz canisters as opposed to a single 8oz one? I have two 8.11 oz cans (jetboils medium sized can) - think this will be enough? Jetpower Fuel Power Your Jetboil Cooking System Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, Jetboil's high-performance propane / isobutane four-season fuel delivers higher vapor pressure for improved performance in cold weather. As a baseline for fuel consumption in the backcountry, it’s important to calculate how many people will be on your trip, and how many hot meals and hot drinks the group will require.

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