national geologic map database

This database is intended to serve as a “national archive” of standardized geoscience information for addressing societal issues and improving our base of scientifi c knowledge. © 2020 The Trustees of Princeton University. The website has listings for regions of the country... U.S. Geological Survey, 2016, Divisions of geologic time (ver. FOIA 0000018439 00000 n National Geographic has been publishing the best wall maps, travel maps, recreation maps, and atlases for more than a century. The lexicon has stratigraphic information – geologic names, charts, time scales, and guidelines. Soller, D.R., and Lindquist, Taryn, 2000, Development and Public Review of the Draft "Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization", in D.R. It is a Congressionally-mandated function under the Geologic Mapping Act and has been a strong example of State-Federal cooperation since its … T.M., 1997, The National Geologic Map Database-A progress report: Geotimes, v. 42, no. (Note: the paths along these queries are shown as dashed lines, to indicate planned development.) COPYRIGHT © 2010-2019. 12, p. 29-31. DescriptionThis bookmark presents information that is widely sought by educators and students. This interactive tool serves as a national archive for high-quality, standardized geologic maps created by the U.S. Geological Survey and state geological surveys. Some geologic maps can be purchased in hard copy through the USGS Store . 4383 Fountain Square Dr. 0000018847 00000 n Divisions of Geologic Time approved by the U.S. Geological Survey Geologic Names Committee, 2018. %PDF-1.5 %���� The project was authorized by the Geologic Mapping Act of 1992. 0000001453 00000 n This CD-ROM contains a digital version of the Geologic Map of the United States, originally published at a scale of 1:2,500,000 (King and Beikman, 1974b). Progress was summarized in Soller and Berg (1997, 1998, 1999a, 1999b, and 2000). This plan was summarized in Soller and Berg (1995). Figure 2. The map catalog presently is supported by two databases developed under the NGMDB project: 1) GEOLEX, a searchable geologic names lexicon; and 2) Geologic Mapping in Progress, which provides information on current mapping projects, prior to inclusion of their products in the map catalog. Soller, D.R., and Berg, T.M., 2000, The National Geologic Map Database-A progress report, in Soller, D.R., editor, Digital Mapping Techniques '00 - Workshop proceedings: U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 00-325, p. 27-30, Background on the AASG Geologic Provinces map, "The [AAPG] Committee on Statistics of Drilling has prepared a code map of geologic provinces of the United States for use with automatic data processing. In late 1995, work began on phase one. of00-325/, Geologic maps at many scales and from many sources are listed in the National Geologic Map Database .

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