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(Gundam Wing Episode 21), August 27 195: Milliardo Peacecraft meets with Lady Une, OZ's public face in its move to make peace with the colonies. Splinter groups remain and the Anti-UN remains a threat until the end of the First Robotech War.

Andrews" and the Sentinels character became "T. R. Aug, 2009 ARMD-6 commissioned. [2] The film was created by splicing together footage from the Japanese direct-to-video movie Megazone 23 Part I and animated television series Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and had only a loose connection to the Robotech TV show. Anti-Unification Army highjacks a Europa-class Space Destroyer (UES Helene), and threatens to destroy Mars Base Sara. Robotech Master), we got the news that he died around 2:00 AM yesterday from cardiac arrrest after a traffic accident. Khyron's group goes into action. The Masters launch a covert attack on a small human settlement, killing Colonel B.D.

2013 January 17 First mixed Zentraedi-human birth, when Dana Sterling is born to Max and Miriya Sterling. 174: Heero Yuy makes a goodwill tour of the colonies to promote independence. Andrews character—named "B.D. The film was created by splicing together footage from the Japanese direct-to-video movie Megazone 23 Part I and animated television series Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and had …
The Lynn Minmei hostage operation.

What begins as an emergency meeting between the heads of the US and CIS becomes an assembly of all nations. (Gundam Wing Episode 3), April 11 195: Shenlong attacks the Specials' Lake Victoria base.
Invid closing on core systems. Troops under the Andrews clone's command accost the pair, and Todd dies in an escape attempt before he can fully explain everything to Mark.

Soon afterwards the colony clusters are established and become population centers. The division has within it a number of the newer Garfish, Chimera and Exter class ships. Praxis is destroyed. The attack on fails miserably, resulting in heavy losses. (Episode Zero - Wu Fei), 195: Operation Meteor is set into the beginning stages. The 21st Mars Division leaves Tirol as part of the second Earth Reclamation Force. Apr, 2042 (Earth) Point K established by the 7th Marine Division.

Jul, 2008: Apr, 2029 (Earth) Second Robotech War begins when the Robotech Masters descend en masse on Earth and destroy Earth's satellite network. Crew reported as missing, presumed dead. With the 8th Venus Division already on its way to Earth the UEEF decides to not send any more fleets back to Earth, and instead focuses on assisting the Sentinels Alliance and defeating the Invid Regent’s forces.

Operation to seize Factory Satellite begins. Escaping, Mark attempts to warn Becky, but his recent distractedness has alienated her, and it is not until he rescues her from being sexually assaulted by an unscrupulous dance show director that the pair reconcile. The Plenipotentiary Council, at Edwards' and Admiral Hayes-Hunter's urging, orders a relief expedition be sent as soon as possible. Similarly, Eve was also intended to appear in The Sentinels, but for the same continuity reason, was reworked to become Janice Em. WWIII continues until July 1999. Ground forces on Earth also participate in the attack. No nuclear weapons are used, but several chemical and biological weapons are tested. Mars Fleet leaves for Earth, lead by Valiant and De Ruyter. Haydon liberated. The movie disappeared from the United States after a failed test-run in Texas that lasted only a few weeks. Pretoxican Republic established. Edwards captures the Invid brain on Tirol but keeps it a secret. Jun, 2047 (Earth) United Terran Government approves funding for Human Genome Cloning project. Earth actual [(REF relative)]. Aug, 1999 UN Investigating Teams organized. The plot is uncovered by the Gundam pilots and dealt with swiftly. (Episode Zero - Operation Meteor), April 6 195: Operation Meteor's launch date.

However they fail and Odin is killed. May, 2010 is known to 15 days. Another complicating factor was the film's adult themes, which (although not as graphic as in the original Megazone 23) reportedly led some parents to remove their children from theatres before the movie was finished, as many deemed the film's content to be inappropriate for young children. Aug, 2011: ARMD-8 commissioned. (Earth) EBSIS extends sphere of influence into the Indian sub-continent. (Gundam Wing Episode 20), August 24 195: Zechs, going by his real name Milliardo Peacecraft, is captured by OZ, but identifies himself as a goodwill ambassador from the newly-revived Sanc Kingdom. Resistance movement gains much strength. 2018 August Jupiter Base Io is fully operational and receiving reports from the Expedionary Force scout vessels. Each Zentraedi and Meltraedi clone is given the choice to join the UEEF. Human population begins dramatic upswing.

Grand Cannon Theory finished. Southern Cross (21st A.T.A.C.) Strike Garland enters production. In space, Zechs discovers the abandoned Wing Zero and captures it, though he self-destructs the Tallgeese to cover his actions. May, 2037 (Earth) Resistance movement gains much strength in North America and Europe. Concerned with the depleted state of the Southern Cross forces on Earth, REF commanders from the Relief Group establish six REF bases to defend Earth from a possible Invid invasion. Galaxy-wide mop-up operation against the Regent's remaining outposts commences. ARMD carrier production begins anew. Public announcements are that an asteroid 3 km in diameter, composed of great quantities of metal, impacted with Earth. Partway through, the duel is interrupted, first by Relena, then by Romefeller's pursuit squad. He plans on self-destructing, but is stopped by his adoptive sister Catherine.

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