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The overall rating of the company is 2.1 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. My order never arrived. No big deal. I have had nothing but positive experiences with their customer service. About a month ago, I submitted a lengthy negative review regarding a large order I placed on May 2, 2020. variety is amazing and the value for money is good. The material the clothes are made with is thin and cheap and sizes are all over the place. I’ve ordered from Shein on several occasions and always got exactly what I expected, no issues yet, I always recommend it to my friends. All rights reserved. I have installed the app which makes it easy for me to save items to buy at a later time. LOVE SHEIN. I will say for the most part, their stuff is pretty cheap quality but for cheap prices, you get what you pay for. Great online shopping experience. They have refunded half on one of the duty fees. Orders have always arrived on time and the items have been great quality, I just make sure I check out the reviews on an item before I order. cheap pricing, but you get what you pay for. Doesn’t seem legit if they force you into keeping your account. FedEx says they don't have it. I took me 4 months to receive my refund. I have installed the app which makes it easy for me to save items to buy at a later time. 3,301 reviews for SHEIN, 3.0 stars: 'By far the worst site in History. This site specializes in bringing fresh looks to women all around the world by providing apparel that is in-style, durable and inexpensive. To return an item to Shein, you’ll want to use the shipping label they provide and make sure it’s sent back within 45 days of purchasing. I got my order within 7 days I’m stoked as I didn’t expect it for at least another two weeks. I made two orders one on October 28 and the other on the 29. You get FREE and fast Express shipping if your Shein order is $100 or more. I am still waiting for feedback before making a more severe decision. I love Shein, I've ordered from them several times and its good to make smaller orders so u don't have mixups. poor quality material and not really like the pic provided online. Really unhappy with this company and the clothing they produce. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Supposedly shipped May 10,2020 today is now May 24,2020 and I still haven't received my package from California. Can't return items not sized correctly Ordered a cute leopard mock turtle that said "true to size." Please ask that you take care of my package and that you arrive home as soon as possible. My daughter placed an order on the 3rd of October of which they have taken payment and still not received the items. Shein allows everyone to be a fashion buyer with votes on what should be sold—and voting leads to a chance to win pre-sale items. Full of $#*! And some came with arm pit smell on the items. My first time experience of Shein was absolutely perfect. I go to Shein’s site to try to contact them their 24-hour assistance chat is down and so is there contact number so now I have no swimsuit I’m down a lot of money and have no idea what I’m going to do. I read the reviews on the clothes before I bought them. I will order again. When I did receive the item, it was not even close to what was advertised measurements have nothing to do with the cheap, disgraceful, poor quality I received .the quality of the dress is extremely horrible, nasty, disgusting They are also about 3 inches shorter than on the model. Shein delivery in the UK and Ireland. Cheap and nasty. I accidentally clicked confirm delivery. Only get pieces with reviews, so you have a good idea of what other customers think about it. or it a legit? Honestly I really loved Shein’s clothes. The sizing is so janky from this company. No matter how large or small your order is, the staff at Shein will make it their business to ensure that your whole transaction is smooth and free of hassles. I bought it you guys put that on sale everybody will buy it obviously just because I'm buying on sale does that make me a begger ?! It's a pathetic experience. worst co. I love Shein! When looking at an item on Shein, make sure to check the customer reviews, and it’s a good idea to sort by most recent to oldest, to see the latest reviews (as shown below). Will keep a few things but want to return the majority of the clothes - which has been impossible. Very good experience with my first purchase: the expected delivery date was a month after I placed the order, but I received my parcel after a little longer than a week, which is great because I will need the items for my graduation soon!All the items were there, I also had to ask for a refund as I paid twice for the same order without realising, and it was sent with immediate effect.Really happy with the experience, I might repeat it in the future. Clothing is made out of really bad materials and all comes up really really small. The customer service is horrible and it took like 3-4 weeks to arrive which is ridiculous. The sizes are way too small! Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. The discount vouchers have worked for all my orders. STAY CLEAR AND DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I'm really gutted. Absolutely not. Awful customer service and strongly advise to shop elsewhere. AWFUL customer service, it does not exist. I have received other packages from China that I ordered after this. The swim suits are horrid, body parts hanging out of every angle. When I took it to the post office they weighed it and it was 1.72 kg and it cost me $28 to send it. If you don’t want to waste money or get your money stolen then don’t order from here! //2nd REVIEW // STILL NO SIGN OF MY STUFF !!!!! The quality is very poor - about as thick as a paper napkin and plastic feeling. On the tracking it says "in transit" at a local facility in United Kingdom....that was on the 7th October. So it’s definitely not a shipping issue as they say!! I was after some stirrup leggings and found them on shein so ordered 2 pairs and a top.The leggings looked black online but when they arrived they were grey in colour. I placed two orders with SHEIN then came and read the worrying reviews so I managed to cancel one order but the first order was already dispatched so I waited to see if it actually turned up after hearing so many people say otherwise within a week it arrived and for the price paid the quality was very good. Since Shein ships from Asia, many shoppers in the west face having to wait several weeks for their orders. When I took it to the post office they weighed it and it was 1.72 kg and it cost me $28 to send it. I think it’s the best way to gauge the fit and quality of each item. I believe they say they’ve “lost” a few orders so they can claim some insurance money from delivery companies, that’s how they keep their prices so cheap. Different to a lot of generic high street stores and very reasonably priced considering how lovely the clothes are! Very cheap and have not been disappointed with any of my purchases. Hoping I receive my parcel soon. And the stirrups were laughable as they were holes that had simply been cut into the back of standard leggings!!??! Clothes has a weird smell and sizes are either huge or tiny - can’t expect too much at this price point though. I have a separate dressing room which is getting fuller everyone I order from SHEIN. This means that your information isn’t visible to others as it goes from your system to theirs, and since the company doesn’t store your credit card details, your financial data is safe as well. Thank you so much, I am very very pleased with the items I received as the country I live in they do not offer plus size clothing they’re extra large must fit a size 14 it’s disgraceful but I ordered at least 10 pairs of shorts summer shorts and I was so pleased with them I will most definitely be ordering from them again, I ordered a package from Italy over a month ago and it hasn't arrived yet! Is Shein a legit and trustworthy website? Second round not good at all. People you get what you pay for, you re not going to recieve a Nordstrom's quality sweatr for $12.00. Will I get my money back so I can try and reorder it? If it is not possible to receive the order at my address, I intend to return the money in full, please!I'm still waiting for someone to help me, this situation is shameful ...Thank you,greetings. I placed two orders at the same time, one arrived and one didn’t. I do NOT plan to order from them again. My granny would have cut it up to use as a rag. This was my third time ordering from SHEIN. Everyone gets a chance to be a fashion buyer according to the Shein reviews with weekly voting on what they should sell in exchange for a chance to win pre-sale items. Something sketchy is definitely going on! On the whole I found their quality to be pretty good and you get better than what you paid for. Hi shein, I have been on your website looking around for 2 days now I’ve finally got an order ready I just have been looking and reviews to see if it’s a scam, I realised looking at some videos and social platforms saying that they’re credit card details had gotten loose and people were buying things from the account, some even $1000+ I’m quite hesitant on buying from here but I wanted to be reassured that it would be safe, I have ordered a few times now from Shein. Overall, for what i paid I'm not disappointed because i always receive the items I order, although the quality is very low. can never connect to help and support. a review of the shein dresses i recently bought I placed my order on June 16th, and it arrived on June 21. My order no is GSHM92005000YYS. Overall, for what i paid I'm not disappointed because i always receive the items I order, although the quality is very low. I've seen other reviews from people who seem to be in the exact same position. Again within a week the order was received. I have no idea why there’s so many bad reviews!!?? Can't exchange for a larger size so done with Shein. FedEx says they don't have it. I’ve ordered from Shein on several occasions and always got exactly what I expected, no issues yet, I always recommend it to my friends. We may earn money from affiliate links. I NEED AN UPDATE ON MY ORDER SOON ... or I'm refuting the charges w my bank !!! I have had to send back half of each order due to the fit not being true to size or the clothes being put together incorrectly (sleeves would have one longer than the other etc) I paid duty on all these orders of at least $35 each time. ZERO STARS, I have seen a lot of reviews on Shein, peoplenot received orders and their money taken, CONTACT your bank and request chargebacks, SHEIN HAVE FACEBOOK MESSAGES, KEEP SENDING THEM YOUR NAME AND ORDER NUMBER AND THAT YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AND AMOUNT TO REFUND, KEEP SENDING THAT MESSAGE EVERYTIME YOU HAVE A MOMENT, I DID AND THEY REFUNDED IN THE END, I LOST £6 on shipping I LET THAT GO BUT KEEP AT IT, don’t lose your money your hard earned moneyIf you have accepted lost then fight for the money and give to the very poor, NOT THESE GREEDY COMPANY MAKING BILLIONSWAKE UP PLEASE. I was surprise as to how many items they do not do a refund. Been back and forth with their terrible customer service who are still unable to confirm when/ where my parcel is.GSHMS600400090R.

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