tangent in a sentence

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Only from circles that touch each other can a tangent strike off from the same point. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/go+off+on+a+tangent. For example: "the tangent" or "a tangent", Words that often come after tangent in sentences. Previous biomechanics studies focused on quantifying the macro-mechanical properties of ligaments, such as tangent modulus, tensile strength, and ultimate strain. In addition to covering the cases above it extends the method to bodies with paraboloidal, or blunted tangent ogive or blunted conical forebodies. If a line S2 cut an arc aa at b, so that the two segments ab, ba lie on opposite sides of the line, then projecting the figure so that the line Sl goes off to infinity, the tangent at b is projected into the asymptote, and the arc ab is projected into a hyperbolic leg touching the asymptote at one extremity; the arc ba will at the same time be projected into a hyperbolic leg touching the same asymptote at the other extremity (and on the opposite side), but so that the two hyperbolic legs may or may not belong to one and the same branch. Words that often come before tangent in sentences. 1. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The total pressure exerted between the rubbing surfaces is the resultant of the normal pressure and of the friction, and its obliquity, or inclination to the common perpendicular of the surfaces, is the angle of repose formerly mentioned in 14, whose tangent is the coefficient of friction. Many well-known derivative curves present themselves in this manner; thus the variable curve may be the normal (or line at right angles to the tangent) at any point of the given curve; the intersection of the consecutive normals is the centre of curvature; and we have the evolute as at once the locus of the centre of curvature and the envelope of the normal. The leaf of the fore-sight has a pinhole, and that of the tangent sight cross-wires for fine reverse laying. End of tangent from the theme of the thread, I hope. 154 sentence examples: 1. The three angles between the tangent planes to the three surfaces of separation at the point 0 are completely determined by the tensions of the b o a three surfaces. It was not, however, till 1829 that a tangent sight (designed by Major-General William Millar) was introduced into the navy; this was adopted by the army in 1846. The double tangent: the line may in the course of its motion come to coincide with a former position of the line, the two positions of the point not in general coinciding. Sentence for tangent? Since reported tangent altitudes unchanged this may be as a result of change in ILS? a line of thought that is off topic. , Even though the author goes off on a tangent several times in his latest book, he still tells an intriguing story about his years in the military. tangent arc was the bright area on the horizon directly below the sun. John Barnes made the current tangent rail and toolbox lid. The diameter of a quadric surface is a line at the extremities of which the tangent planes are parallel. To construct circles coaxal with the two given circles, draw the tangent, say XR, from X, the point where the radical axis intersects the line of centres, to one of the given circles, and with centre X and radius XR describe a circle. The leftmost column is column 0. Only from circles that touch each other can a tangent strike off from the same point. 5. Between the Andamans and Cape Negrais intervene two small groups, Preparis and Cocos; between the Andamans and Sumatra lie the Nicobar Islands, the whole group stretching in a curve, to which the meridian forms a tangent between Cape Negrais and Sumatra; and though this curved line measures 700 m., the widest sea space is about 91 m. Fermat and Descartes agreed in regarding the tangent to a curve as a secant of that curve with the two points of intersection coinciding, while Roberval regarded it as the direction of the composite movement by which the curve can be described. These cookies do not store any personal information. In symbols, if v be the velocity and p the perpendicular from 0 to the tangent to the path, pv=h, (1). However, such zero angles are possible with tangent circles. The b co-ordinates of any point R on the a ?/' t11®V1 a cycloid are expressible in the form x=a(8-}-sin 0); y=a (I -cos 0), M where the co-ordinate axes are the tangent at the vertex 0 and the axis of the curve, a is the radius of the generating circle, and 0 the angle R'CO, where RR' is parallel to LM and C is the centre of the circle in its symmetric position. 5) be the points of contact of a common tangent; drop perpen FIG. , Since Larry knows he often flies off on a tangent when speaking, he always prepares a strict outline to follow. When my uncle is drunk, he will talk about one subject for a moment and then go off on a tangent about a completely different topic. Minor improvements in tangent sights certainly were made, notably an automatic clamp, but quadrant elevation was mainly used, and in the case of guns equipped with position-finders (see Range-Finder) the guns could be layed for direction by means, of a graduated arc on the emplacement and a pointer on the mounting. The equations to the chord, tangent and normal are readily derived by the ordinary methods. Hence the relation between the radius vector and the perpendicular on the tangent of the rolling curve must be identical with the relation between the normal PN and the ordinate PR of the traced curve. If we write A=Ma, B=M/32, C=M~y, the formula (37), when referred to the principal axes at 0, becomes if p denotes the perpendicular drawn from 0 in the direction (X, u, e) to a tangent plane of the ellipsoid ~+~+~=I (43). Apollonius' genius takes its highest flight in Book v., where he treats of normals as minimum and maximum straight lines drawn from given points to the curve (independently of tangent properties), discusses how many normals can be drawn from particular points, finds their feet by construction, and gives propositions determining the centre of curvature at any point and leading at once to the Cartesian equation of the evolute of any conic.

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