why do we have 46 chromosomes

Chromosomes are discrete packets of genetic material within a cell. Women with Turner syndrome have only one X chromosome. If k is an integer then which of the following is... What comes next in the pattern 4 9 1 6 2 5 3? It's scientifically proven that we don't exist past 250k years. The aliens only had 46 chromosomes so they had to combine our 2 and 3 chromosomes to fit and match up with theirs. For example, females who have extra copies of the X chromosomes are usually taller than average and have mental retardation. Question: Why do we have 46 chromosomes? Inheriting too many or not enough sex chromosomes can lead to serious problems. Is Semen already present in the male body at all times? Another syndrome caused by imbalance in the number of sex chromosomes is Turner syndrome. Humans have approximately 25000 genes. I m not an expert on the topic, i ve just read about it.. but here are some links that might help. During anaphase, we now have a total of 16 chromosomes and 16 chromatids – in short, each chromatid is now a chromosome. Males and Females differ in a pair of chromosomes called sex chromosomes. Chromosomes are located in the nucleus of each cell containing the DNA comprising genes. They've sampled the population over and over to prove their original theory of 5-8 million years but the mitochandria of women doesn't change and is easily dated to existence. Eventually we may find out for sure but at the moment, it is all just wilda$$ speculation. When you shine purple light on the plant, the plant turns red. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46 chromosomes. Pregnancy is an exciting time but the anxiety of a having a baby with an abnormal number of chromosomes can be overwhelming. The sumerians also had a better system for math, writing, were aware of planets in our own solar system that we only found out about in the last 30 years, knew pluto was a former moon pulled off it's planets orbit... etc, etc, etc... Their writings explain puto's odd placement, the asteroid belt, and comets much more accurately than any modern theory. This technology is especially applicable to couples with infertility who have an otherwise poor prognosis for success due to advanced maternal age since the older a woman is the more likely she is to have an embryo with an incorrect number of chromosomes. It's scientifically proven that we don't exist past 250k years. Evidence that chromosome 2 in humans is the result of fusion of 2 primate chromosomes can be found at link 1 below. However, part of our evolution involves the fusion of two chromosomes into one sometime after... Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions. the reason mankind has much less chromosomes is by using the fact 2 primate chromosomes mutated and have been by hazard joined around 200,000 years in the past. There is no relationship between the number of chromosomes and the time a species has existed. Humans may or may not be an older than 250 Kyr. There is considerable evidence that several billion years ago, the evolution of photosynthesis changed earth from a reducing environment to an oxidizing environment which relegated most of the existing cellular life to ecological margins, and allowed the massive Cambrian explosion of multicellular life as we know it. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Nobody knows for sure and I have seen estimates of 1 million to 60 Kyr. For example, we have 46 chromosomes while the simple goldfish has 94 and the toucan has 106! In diploid organisms, having two homologous of... After a chromosome is replicated, the two... 1. All rights reserved. People have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46 chromosomes. Males with more than one X chromosome have Klinefelter syndrome which is a condition characterized by tall stature and often infertility. Males and Females differ in a pair of chromosomes called sex chromosomes. Segments of a chromosome house genes, the genetic material for specific traits. If your embryo does not have the correct number of chromosomes then your baby may fail to develop properly. All life on earth is related and genes are shared and manipulated throughout all species. The difference is that there are many thousands of ant and termite species and just one human species. According to this article, no one knows; it's an "evolutionary mystery. Illustration by Andrew Morgan Humans have 46 chromosomes. If you have questions, or would like to know about our new program IVF Assist Plus, designed with a money-back guarantee to give you a baby with the correct number of chromosomes for the highest chance of a successful pregnancy, please contact us! There are two questions in here, and I’m not sure which you consider the important one: (a) Why do humans have two sets of chromosomes?

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