winnipeg climate type

... Southern Manitoba (including Winnipeg), falls into the humid continental climate zone (Köppen Dfb). Three pros of climate change (the weather warming up) is that more tourists could come during the winter who aren’t used to the cold, the growing season could extend, and more animals can survive the harsh winters. A picture of Winnipeg, where you can see the urban city with rivers interspersed, Winnipeg is a city with very diverse weather. It provides a framework to proactively, meaningfully and effectively mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Recognizing that climate change is a serious global environmental problem, the City of Winnipeg developed a community climate action plan, an initiative called Winnipeg’s  Climate Action Plan: Planning for Climate Change. A copy of the Plan, which has been approved by Council , is available in the 'Documents' tab, along with submissions received from delegations during the public hearing process. Are there opportunities for members of the community to get involved going forward? How did the project team decide which climate actions to include as part of Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan? The Winnipeg climate can be described as an extreme humid continental climate because there are significant differences in temperatures during summer and winter. Winnipeg has a windy climate, which it owes to its prairie location. We reached nearly 4,800 stakeholders through the engagement process and as a result, we received more than one hundred questions and comments in addition to a large volume of input provided via event workbooks. 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 relative to 2011 levels, 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 relative to 2011 levels, Create a more prosperous, innovative and diverse local and regional economy, Construct more complete neighbourhoods and revitalize the livability of all communities throughout Winnipeg, Improve the efficiency of transportation networks and reduce traffic congestion, Build and maintain healthier buildings to live and work in which are less expensive to operate, Enhance connectivity of green spaces and parks throughout Winnipeg to support biodiversity and natural systems. Temperatures here are similar to the semi-arid climate zone, but this region is the most humid area in the Prairie Provinces with moderate precipitation. This project was introduced after the flood in 1950, another devastating act of nature. Update October 2018: Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during development of Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan.The Plan received unanimous support from Council on September 20, 2018 and the Plan was approved for implementation. The winter was unusually snowy and cold, so when the snow melted, the river’s water level begun to rise. Since Manitoba is far removed from the moderating influences of both mountain ranges and large bodies of water, and because of the generally flat landscape in many areas, it is exposed to numerous weather systems throughout the year, including cold Arctic high-pressure air masses that settle in from the northwest, usually during the months of January and February. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the development of Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan. Do other cities have community climate change action plans? Köppen climate types of Manitoba. In 2015, Mayor Brian Bowman reiterated the commitment to action on climate change by endorsing the Big City Mayors’ Climate Change Action resolution that committed the City to: In November 2016, the Winnipeg 2011 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Forecast report was presented to Council. It is also prone to high humidity in the summer months with the extreme of 53.0 °C (127.4 °F) in Carman, which set the highest humidex recorded in Canada.

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